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  1. Thank you for your elaborate investigation, its a pleasure to learn from a most impressive tardigrade about the Kerbalverse!
  2. Everytime i verifye my beloved KSP stock installation Steam finds 2 tiny files to redownload. Everytime, since years. What is this? Has anyone else observed the same? Is this normal? (Win10 64bit Home Edition on a i7 with 250GB SSD, europa)
  3. Thank you! KSP is still the best! Awesome small fix for the failure node not working on multiple parts!!!
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    Looking for what to do in KSP.

    Err...shameless plug: Enjoy true madness. Happy new Year.
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    How famous are you?

    3/10 , and !
  6. PC GAMER Magazine featured this Mission recently: Read the Article Install this mission directly from Steam ...as of november 27. - 4001 downloads! Dropbox download: THE DUNATIAN 2.4 ... I`m glad about about very few rants. Welcome to Stock KSP / Making History no mods required DIFFICULTY: I made this Mission for seasoned KSP Fans, casual players may find themself in a weird, uncomfortable, confusing situation or simply so lost that it might seem utterly nuts. Don`t start this mission without ample supply of coffee, icecream and potatoechips. Don`t start this mission between monday and sunday if you have serious business in RL going on. Your doctor won`t be able to help you with certain orbital maneuvers. Rather call Jet Propulsion Lab guys or Roscosmos. Use quicksafe , there is no shame about, i do aswell. You can safely use time acceleration while roving and running ion engines (force ions with ALT+> key to 4x). Bob was left behind on Dunas surface, his fellow crewmates Jebediah, Valentina and Bill thought he was poofed unsuspectedly during a physicsglitch, they launched with the DRV back to the KERMES, a rather large interplanetary transfervessel in Dunas low orbit - full of sorrow and quite unamused they messaged the sad news to their friends at the KSC... But Bob survived, and after a extended nap under the rover he realised what happened to him. While pulling a broken antenna out of his butt he began to wonder how he might get back to Kerbin, but chances seemed pretty bad since the glitch cutted him off from any communication with the KSC. So he started out gardening in the habitat, grew potatoes on soil and crap, and went wandering along the dunes around the hab, thinking about snacks, boosters and rocketfuel. Far above him flew occasionally a small survey satellite which was decommissioned some time ago, but a few months after the accident someone back on Kerbin finally noticed something unusual... And here is where the mission starts, you have to manage the chars and vessels which are currently around Kerbin and Duna to make it happen, bring him home! Read ALL the messages in-game and objectives closely, they provide further advice - You start about 13 days before performing the "Rich Kerman Maneuver" with the KERMES, restock the KERMES in due time - Funding is enabled, Bobs lifeinsurance company kicks in at some point - Bend your mind around the commnet constraints, avoid loss of control while maneuvering, think ahead - Manage scarce resources while roving across Dunas landscapes, chose from two vehicles and evaluate your strategy - Construct (or use prefab) the KRES V Supply mission that must reach Bob ahead of the KERMES - Perform unusual maneuvers, launch, orbit and capture retrograde, high elliptic rendezvous, probedropping maneuvers, and more - Construct (or use prefab) the KAIJANG KHEN resupply boosterrocket to intercept the KERMES and refuel the vessel - Land and drive to the KRES V Supply probe to secure Bob`s survival (Scoring) - Find a way to the KRES IV Ascendvehicle in the Skiapparellicrater, board the vessel, launch and meet the KERMES in orbit - Construct (or use prefab) the DreamChaser Shuttle and recover Bob back on the Dessert Runway (Scoring) - Gold-, silver- or bronzeaward, depending on your performance - LV-N nuclear rocketmotor is not available in this mission - And much, much more, find out yourself Technical: - Buildt and tested in KSP 1.4.3 /MH 1.2 - Terraindetail on default/ high - Scatterdensity 80% - Prefab vessels have being used to verify the missiongoals and work as intended Special thanks to @Dexter_D for discovering final issues and bugs Mind you: NO SUPPORT for modded installs in this thread including visual (i.e. scatterer) and informative (i.e KER redux) ones.
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    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    @Ashaman42, hi there, thank you for your cool feedback playing Bob as the "Dunatian"... People cannot imagine all the background research i made on the cinematic, my goal was to "Kerbalize" the mood and design of the sometimes just partially visible film setups... the various locations on Duna are well determined to ensure a challenging but still rewarding mission progress, there are many small but VERY important details and (late) game mechanics involved to make it a true mindbending "custom singleplayer adventure". To quote your fuelsupply on the (prefabricated) Kaijang-Khen... i remember remotely that the tank is not full when loaded to the VAB... Still possible to reach out for the KRES-IV Ascendvehicle, but very tight. Really tight. Sorry. Happy new Year to all the true Bob`s out there! Potatoes! Yeah! And Snacks!
  8. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    @Ashaman42, hi there, glad to see people really getting Bob back to Kerbin, and congrats for reenactng being hardstuck on Duna! Oh, happy new year!
  9. So, @SQUAD What is going on here? I see serious things going on.
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    A farewell is necessary!

    @Darth Badie, Badie, in case you didn`t know allready, you are a crewmember of the Kermes in "The Dunatian"... MH Mission Farewell and keep smiling
  11. @klesh thanks for your pics, i have updated to 1.6 all stock and maybe the settings went to low detail... gonna check. "Case closed" Uhhh Edit: I just screwed up myself. Compare medium and high terrain detail... @klesh, you have been right, omg
  12. Old pic from around 1.3, sadly slightly higher angle... The island airfield was in a ravine like situation, i remember a much steeper crest on the sea side:
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    ...by the time the virtual battleground becomes reality in your homeland... it`s fun.
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    Pol is pretty icy . . .

    Excellent, the rover in a box... you may soon encounter weird tube-shaped unknown objects... keep clear from the shadows...
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    Thanks KSP team :)

    One to rule them all: KSP best simulation of all time, more space to explore than anyone can imagine, simply the best! Happy 1.6, with more vee than ever! Cheers!!! And thank you SQUAD!
  16. Finally, much deserved feature since calculating dV in the editor is practically a chore... the most important update since we can wiggle the helmet
  17. Excellent explanation and narrative, i`ve just learned about "geosynchronous" orbit, great!
  18. Wiggling the helmet is epic! Savage Kerbals!
  19. ... I just returned from raking my backyard (21430 acres woodland) So, NASA Gov lobbys spies on private companys...? Okay, nothing new. We call this envy. A `murican "lifeinsurance in greenbacks" versus russian humanity and titanium capsule? You are kidding me. I`d allways choose the soyuz, i would even pay for it- with my life. For free. No such thing like safety and true humanity in `murica, sorry.
  20. It`s back! Thank you!
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    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    Stock lifesupport, ... that would be great...! Hey SQUAD! look! No hands errm lifesupport!?!
  22. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    Hi @Dexter_D Glad you`re still around... You have become a rather famous and important character in this MH Mission! Lots and lots of people have dl`d from Steam and i am wondering how many of them have truely pulled Bob back home until now... Cheerz! ...uhhmm... and @C7 Aerospace Division, welcome to the forums!! Are you really new or just a new PC/ location with another name? You seem to have a relative forumer or it`s just by chance ...!?
  23. Mikki

    The Dunatian - BRING HIM HOME

    Hi @C7 Aerospace Division I assume you could read closer the ingame messages and the mainthread. They provide further advice. I`m okay if you consider me a real bad english speaker, please excuse if this is the case. "The Dunatian" follows Andy Weir`s cinematic "The Martian" in a way that fits Kerbal lore and gamemechanics, it does deviate in some ways and adds additional tasks at the point where the motion picture allready ended, it can be a fairly difficult mission for people who haven`t seen "The Martian"... To the issue of "Kres": KRES IV (4) is a unused Ascendvehicle from a former mission located at the "Skiapparellicrater". Part of the rescue plan. KRES V (5) is the rescue missionprobe to secure Bob`s supply with LFO (Liquidfuel and oxidizer in the dumpling tank). It is stated at several messages ingame where the probe should favourable be dropped, which is close to the habitat and at least 12 km away from it. I hope you give the mission another try and watch "The Martian", if you didn`t allready! You need some snacks to pull this mission, believe me! Kind regards Mikki PS: Alot of the missiongoals are hidden at the beginning, they appear after a certain point to discourage errr to motivate you... They aswell disappear again at the end of the mission, there is quite alot to do...
  24. Hey Mr. @Stratzenblitz75, look above... You just roadkilled KSP Jooltube... AGAIN! I have seen your carrier some time ago and i was flab-ber-gas-ted. Great! Cheerz! And screaming!