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  1. Excellent chopper bru! Flying through the small R&D tunnel effortlessly is most impressive!
  2. Thank you @kerbiloid for this most informative explanation
  3. I noticed that shift+offset tool isn`t limited in range anymore. Good thing in my opinion
  4. Ha, one more of us! Never too late at the party, KSP is still the strongest and best sim out there. It has become basically a unique kind of game. Unmatched and standing above all other redundant games.
  5. @pogo protie, oh well, i see you successfully returned Bob back to solid ground on Kerbin... thank you for posting your mission endlog! Glad you liked this adventure, i`ve played orbiter too back in the days and followed simulations like FS from microsoft and all the rage. "The Martian" by Andy Weir seemed to me a perfect fit for a KSP Mission, and the mission was even harder in my first releases, but i barerly could make it myself, so i reduced the mission to a playable size... I made quite some background research on the cinematic and my goal was not to exaggerate with partcounts of the various vessels and keeping some "Kerbal lore", with a bit of freedom on the narrative () and on how the mission ends. Congrats to you, for science! Excellent! The "Dreamchaser" part was something out of thin air, i love the concept and gave it a reference in the "The Dunatian" as a nice final task.
  6. IIRC the Kermes was buzzing with around 1400m/s (high eliptic orbit in the SOI) past Duna, so the Kres IV plus the deltaV of Bobs monoprop in his backpack have being well enough to catch up and board the Kermes at one of the crewcabins in the ringmodule. Not wasting much fuel for hitting the right inclination during takeoff is crucial, this consumes alot of precious fuel in the ascender..... If all goes wrong, use the ion drive of the Kermes to close up towards Bobs position, save at least some of his EVA fuel for entering the vessel. This task should be well doable for experienced KSP players. I once catched up with the Kres IV to basically zero difference in velocity/trajectory and the Kermes was well in sight a few hundred meters away.
  7. Hi there, some tips: 1. Put the Kermes on a retrograde trajectory around Duna, high elliptic, periapsis not to low... maybe 250-350km above surface... 2. Launch with Bob towards west when the Kermes is incoming... timing is the key... 3. Match up trajectory, inclination and speed as fast as you can, bail out Bob and enter the Kermes on EVA, no docking required... 4. Enjoy the thrill! The KRES IV ascender should have enough deltaV for this direct-ascend-and-rendezvous maneuver, you have little time to make it right, but it is possible as you see below: This maneuver is really hard to process, but it is just like in the cinematic. It`s possible, with lots of safetymargin left, timing is the key. I hope you can imagine on how to set the maneuver up... good luck! @ilya_f IIRC the ascender has three stages, look closely!!! Nope, two stages....sorry...
  8. I will take a shot this sunday on my mission again, your report made curious about the welldoing of the "The Dunatian* along the various updates.... I hope you make it back to Kerbin!
  9. Hi there, your issue gives me true concerns, i will investigate this my own next time i fire up KSP... You are running a all stock installation, and you haven`t changed the name of the supplyprobe launcher in the VAB.... I hope the last update didn`t break anything for making history, i am pretty upset if thats the case... Can you provide a savefile of your mission, dropbox or similar?
  10. @pogo protie, i see your probe slides slowly down the hill, it should trigger the objective when it stop doing so... 0,1 meters second... maybe raise the legs for a short while? I wish you good luck and a successfull mission, crazy tasks are coming around the corner...
  11. Aaaah my eyes! (grabs sunglasses) Can`t wait to burn my retina on minmus, can we have golden sunvisors for our helmets aswell? Or do we have allready?
  12. I personally haven`t tried this but slap your four hinges 45 degrees off from regular length axis, so pitch and yaw can be calculated for each hinge evenly.
  13. ... Expect at least 5-6 hours to solve this mission, this can extend however for casual players, there is quite alot to do and hidden in the missionwindow...
  14. Hi Monxas, i see your issue and my only advice is to try verifying the game cache (Steam, Game propertys...) Or if you have updated recently to 1.7.3, try to un- and reinstall the mission after doing the above mentioned ... Sorry but this might not help much, you seem to run allready a all stock game, if you have any mods i cannot fathom what goes on in the background however... I think you`ll get it running nonetheless... Try switching the active vessel while being in range... But else i dunno actually why it doesn`t trigger the next objective... Edit: i see you have a language swap, i hope it doesn`t sport any bugs regarding the editor or the DLC itself... please report back if you can or cannot solve the problem... good luck!
  15. ...Mining excavators, Dumptrucks, Stonemills, Drillrigs, Aggregate Separators and Tunneldrills... They get occasionally new pumps, motors and electric upgrades but the hardware itself is basically immortal when properly maintained. We have a certain installation in which the second (...) clock stopped at more than 70`000 hours running, and we haven`t replaced the second clock years ago. Doesn`t make sense, the rather large machine has gained millions ande millions of income, and doesn`t show any signs of stopping doing so. Epic engineering features, hats off to our Dads and Grandpa`s. Our regular small cars and small trucks are wrecked after 7-12 years, basically scrapped. Nothing unusual here aswell.
  16. We have some heavy duty machines running from that era still running fine with no issues. Way better than new ones. I rarely watch TV, so can`t tell much about.
  17. I`ll wait for 6G. It`ll be grate great. Jokes aside, i am thinking about to sport a wristwatch again and talk to people more often in realtime plus eyecontact. We have recently recalculated that 80`s tech was the most cost efficient and reliable ever. Then came "shareholder value" and "new economy". what gives.
  18. HI there, glad you get a grip on this adventure... Slight spoiler ahead, regarding the ascend and rendezvous of the Kres IV and the Kermes.... Don`t hesitate when failing, using quicksafe is highly recommended, make even hard savepoints from time to time, we do aswell...
  19. Doesn`t the red rover have a fuelcell attached? Good luck!
  20. Tears appear in my eyes because of pure pleasure! EDIT: ALL SPACE ARE BELONG TO SQUAD!
  21. Basically a must-have in the next update, this is the most obvious mishap in the breaking ground DLC. I hope this is scheduled on top and doesn`t get overlooked along the mentioned surface revamps. But just to be sure, i say again, Alternators on turboshafts!
  22. Hi there, try to verify your game cache, quite hard to guess what is causing the issue from here... good luck!