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    Kerbal Corvette

    That's a nice looking Corvette! I made a stock one back in 1.05... That feels like a lifetime ago.
  2. Fine, I'm game. Time to start kluding away at some stuff again... Some sort of turbine thingy coming soon™.
  3. No offset limits and RCS build aid because I don't like to build "normally"... I'm even having to play a 1.1 pre-release career because I don't have RCS build aid to help me figure out my torque for my contraptions... I mean actually a career game?! I'm a kludger not a career man!
  4. FlipNascar

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I commend your tenacity. I have pretty much given up on trying to do awkward things for now... Maybe when 1.1 is finally done I'll go back to finishing the flapping blade autogyro, but I just cannot seem to replicate your enthusiasm. Perhaps I should hop over to Holland for a pep talk with some stroopwaffels!
  5. FlipNascar

    Taught someone KSP - they like it!

    heheh I introduced my Dad to it... I'm 32, he's 65... He plays a helluva lot more KSP than me. Maybe being retired is a good thing? I think my mum thanks me, he's stopped project managing her and just project manages his KSP saves... Parents huh?
  6. FlipNascar

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Needs more PB-Nuks...
  7. FlipNascar

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    The struggle is real Jim. The struggle is real.
  8. Would make for a nice little carousel with that inflatable heat shield!
  9. FlipNascar

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    So firstly, excuse the jaggies, have to turn of anti-aliasing for 1.1 pre-release to run on the Mac... I don't know what I want to do with this. Not sure which direction to go. The orbital vehicle has a smidge under 3k ∆V, the cockpit is removable with a neatly hidden docking port setup. But it can't really do anything, other than it doesn't look like a normal rocket... I realise now how reliant I've become on No Offset Limits and Editor Extensions.
  10. FlipNascar

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Wobbly noodles are back in fashion again! Started a fresh career with the 1.1 pre-release and this thing just goes in circles, yet holds together...
  11. FlipNascar

    Stealth Space Frigate

    Love the engines! Probably add to the "inspiration" list for one day...
  12. Clearly this needs a few blowers.... Or the venerable rotating antenna thingy that I cannot remember the name of, y'know the perpetual motion one that uses no energy. Nice build mate.
  13. FlipNascar

    Kerbal Insect Wranglers

    I have this cute little Butterfly I made a while back. I gave it wheels more for the practicality than anything else.
  14. FlipNascar

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Yeah, get ready for a mega high part count! I put together a 350ish part one a bit before Christmas. I also found that using fairings worked a treat! If you wanted to pull mine apart, have at it. You can download it from KerbalX.
  15. FlipNascar

    The Jeb's Junkyard Challenge

    So I'll have a bite, although in hindsight, I'm not sure if my interpretation of Airbrakes as a controlled wing surface is allowable? I arrived at Duna with far too much excess ∆V. Still always better to have way too much ∆V than not enough. So here's the Junkyard Dreams, it took Bill all the way from Kerbin to Duna, and back. All in the comfort of a Mk1 Capsule. I guess I should have had him do some more flybys with the extra ∆V. But I didn't. Craft file available on dropbox.com First picutre isn't representative of final launcher... I didn't take a VAB shot of the successful one. It basically has three of the shuttle wing strakes per booster stack to help keep the pointy end the right way during ascent. In hindsight, I should have rotated the booster stacks so that the lifting surfaces could have worked better. But, I didn't.
  16. FlipNascar

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    If you get really stuck, let me know and I can build you one for you. But like selfish_meme said, use the big ol' decoupler plus the small landing wheels. And build it with the no offset limits mod to reduce part count. And if possible try and have the turret's COM as close to the decoupler as possible.
  17. So here we have the Sea Hippo Mk II with 129 parts (yes probably a bunch of superfluous stuff so if you're system limited rip out the custom nose and the fancy internals and you'll be good to go!). Originally conceived to carry a submarine to the water as part of the Deep Diver challenge. She's a capable little hauler, well that is from Land to Sea. Getting it out of the drink... Well, try not to have too much fuel eh? She's got some state-of-the-art features, like a temperamental ladder connected to a structural fuselage to allow cargo bay access, nifty little water brakes that assure you'll be stopped in no time at all, and above all, benign handling that means she's actually a piece of cake to fly. Pretty much if you can fit it in the cargo bay, it'll fly it to some water. I know. Amazing. Guaranteed to lift at least 40 tonnes from the runway. AG-7: Lights! AG-8: Cargo Doors AG-9: Flaps (make sure these are down for water take offs, and if you've got full fuel... Well it will take a while. And I mean like a soon™ kinda while... ) AG-10: Water Brakes (make sure these are off for water take offs or you'll just be wallowing in a spray of shame) Download via KerbalX As always, comments, criticisms and feedback is more than welcomed. Pick it apart, set fire to it. Use it abuse it. It's out there.
  18. FlipNascar

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    That is sleek and slick. I will most likely have to be "inspired"....
  19. FlipNascar

    Flying Boats of all sizes and shapes

    I realize now, I've never tried lugging 60t out of the water... Only to the water! It's a pig to get it out of the drink again. Takes a lot of water to get over the drag hump... Hmm guess that's a testing omission on my part. It'll lift, eventually, with nearly full fuel. Would probably need a bunch of Goliaths to get it capable of lugging that payload out of the drink. I never thought of that during the design process. It was just supposed to drop stuff and head back empty... Oops.
  20. FlipNascar

    Flying Boats of all sizes and shapes

    I love the Boatplane S! So cute!!! I have a couple that I've tinkered with. But this is the only one that actually does anything useful: The Sea Hippo. Can lug at least 60t around. I used it for the Deep Diver Challenge to dump a sub in the water.
  21. Had to have a quick go at this... The TAZT. I have no idea what it's good for. It can get 4 Kerbals and has about 1,700m/s ∆V in the shuttle. The lifter is very overpowered and still had around 500ms ∆V when I circularized at 150km. However, random disassembly with no explanation during reentry... Need to refine this. But it works surprisingly well for a first flight!
  22. Looks good! Are you using the No Offset Limits mod? Because you could probably completely recreate the shape of the fish-bone using struts and offsetting them with a 3x radial symmetry setting. Could give you a really clean looking replica.
  23. Some nice stuff! Also if you hit Fn+F1 on your mac it'll take a screenshot of only KSP, whether it's windowed or fullscreen. Sorry I guess that's just my inner pedant coming out seeing that KSP bar at the top... !
  24. FlipNascar

    Plane Contest

    These two little guys are kinda different... The Kestrel and the Butterfly.
  25. FlipNascar

    Show us your MiG !

    All stock, 89 parts. But was built in 1.0.4? Availble on KerbalX. Works in 1.0.5 just the engines look a touch different... I should really update that shouldn't I?