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  1. Jeb ,got a new Strutz-SSS, for recreational sports flying. The SSS is super sport stunt plane, can do a full loop in under 200 m height, if your careful....8)
  2. what the... will some one give this guy a real job...he makes my head hurt..8)
  3. Using 1.3 and SSRSS, heavy lifted and assembled this station core and power com sails, The engineering and science crews arrived for final inspection, EVA was working really good, managed to get back to the crew hatch,,,8)
  4. A new first....starting again...look closer..
  5. using ssrss, while the big guys finalised atmospheric testing of the new lander, the red flag guys did this with very similar type lander base....hmmmmmm?....
  6. Well because a new parts contractor became available, again( Chaka ), management decided to have a secret test launch, so as not to offend any of the stockonlyist's out there...8). It has led to very nice lander base being developed....will share later...
  7. received secret transmission from far side of mun....."The EGGL has landed...." EGGL-2 will carry a rover....
  8. Is this the right place for this image...sometimes the best perspective is looking up.....30MN of raw power....
  9. Using RSS+RSSVE, but not RO (do difficult so far...). Got a good lifter off the ground that does consistent 400 km circular orbits. Hitch Hiker one over Shark Bay ....400km. Multi cube launcher.... You can never have enough space junk.....
  10. I tried to use this mod in Half-RSS, things(boosters) keep falling off as the physics settles. Are there config tweaks for Half-RSS?
  11. Final approach with second set of sails....all good so far.... Full sails set ... ready for science modules... as fate would have it ....missed the runway , but made a solid landing...."All souls survived"....funny how that works out...;)
  12. This one on space dock Very nicely detailed and well thought out assembly , but I can only get modules in the cargo bay less than 6Tn into 300k oribt....? roger Jane...will try that next time....many thanks.
  13. Main truss center beam was delivered by payload delivery drone, but all the rest is planed for shuttle delivery....leaving a few engineers in the small HAB modules to supervise... I had to fly the station too the shuttle to make this docking far impossible to use RCS on shuttle's probably me...