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  1. LF/OX was referred to specifically as methalox. There will be metallic hydrogen as next step.
  2. More generally and importantly, persistent thrust, propulsion during analytical timewarp - that would be a killer feature. And judging by burn-flip-burn kind of travel mentioned in one of the interviews, there is a good chance of it being implemented.
  3. Scalable universe as a difficulty setting... We can dream, right?
  4. The main hurdle in KSP is physics. In two parts: poor performance of Unity's physics engine (or the way it was used in KSP 1) and soft body model not being the most appropriate choice for simulating rockets. They might fix or smooth over the first problem (it's one of their stated goals), but we have no idea yet of what (if anything) they are going to do with the second. That german interview featured pre-alpha footage of some extremely floppy rocket, same undampened springy noodle motion, it seems.
  5. First of all, YES! HELL YES! [snip] Second of all, what engine is it based on? Also, any word on Linux support?
  6. Slick engine, performance, performance, Linux support, performance, everything from KSP with a facelift (which is already covered to spare and then some, judging by trailers), a potential for expanding it, stock procedural exhaust plumes. Oh, and also performance! Damn, what a great time we live in!
  7. Just tried with a clean game, same. It seems the game does not report docking. 7:39:12 messages are from successful proper docking, with the first message here from stock game, I presume. Then just silence, despite a couple of dockings happened since. [LOG 07:39:12.491] Docking to vessel Docktest [LOG 07:39:12.493] [DR:d:13108] DockRotate.VesselMotionManager+StructureChangeInfo.isRepeated(): set Ids after [LOG 07:39:12.493] [DR:d:13108] ... .reset() BeforeChange after Ids [LOG 07:39:12.493] [DR:d:13108] ... .isRepeated(): set Ids after reset BeforeChange [LOG 07:39:12.494] [D
  8. Timewarp does nothing. Upon loading a quicksave everything goes back to normal and angle correction happens.
  9. I've tested with debug dll. Most of the time autosnap works fine, but sometimes something fails, angle is reported as NaN, and angle is not autocorrected. A couple of successful dockings, last one produced NaN. I was able to reproduce it only a couple of times, most attempts were successful.
  10. Oh, that explains it. * me looking at numbers in CryoEnginesRestock patches two days ago:
  11. Some controls are still visible in PAW. Ports have: captureMinRollDot:NEEDS[DockRotate] = 0.99904822 snapRotation = true DockRotate.cfg has: autoSnap = true hideCommands = true What does autoSnap do exactly? In one attempt with autoSnap=true in config I've got 179 degrees, but in other attempts with debug version and both switching autoSnap back and forth, I always had round numbers.
  12. Hi! Any chance of finishing restricted mode? (no rotation controls for snapped docking ports, only auto correction)?
  13. Optimizations in general and physics overhaul in particular. I'm hesitant to buy a computer with over the top last gen CPU just to play KSP. And my i7-6500U can barely cope with it.
  14. @JPLRepo To clarify mechanical nuances, because phrases like "you seem to have mixed the two..." and "by setting ... to have no motor" being put together create a bit of ambiguity: Are hinges motorized or free-moving or switchable? Are hydraulic pistons complex parts (like struts/pipes)? What I'm trying to ask is, is motorizing a hinge consists of changing hinge's parameter, or adding a piston between hinged parts? ...or any which way?
  15. Wow, I see some complex movement there. My prediction about UI and sequencing: you position parts and hinges in VAB, save those positions as something like keyframes, then shuffle those around. Because full complex numeric sequencing like in IR would be too complicated for Stock game, and something super-simple would probably not be enough for the kind of movement shown here (unless it's just two hinges oscilating simultaneously with the same period).
  16. Everything you described is perfectly logical and expected, I see no problem here. Never mind, I forgot about possible reroots in flight.
  17. Oh yes, I'm definitely looking forward to rotate that new skybox to a random angle with Sigma Replacements...
  18. New PR for RealPlume here: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume-StockConfigs/pull/81 Edited configs available via the same URLs: @Nertea, maybe you could boost it into title post until RealPlume updates. I see RealPlume-related questions pop up here periodically.
  19. I did some work on RealPlume patches, but that was in early February, so some things might be re-broken since then. Plus I couldn't crack RAPIER and Vector yet. Hopefully I will retest this in a couple of days and update the patches. For those who want to scamper into action with wild abandon: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume-StockConfigs/pull/79 https://github.com/Vladimir-csp/RealPlume-StockConfigs/tree/master/GameData/RealPlume-Stock/Squad https://github.com/Vladimir-csp/RealPlume-StockConfigs/tree/master/GameData/RealPlume-Stock/ReStockPlus
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