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  1. Looking in stock config, i've found this: heatConductivity = 0.12 is considered standard. emissiveConstant = 0.7 probably is standard. emissiveConstant = 0.95 is set to stock solar panels with the idea for them to be also radiators, but there is nothing too hot in stock except LV-N which is not anywhere near NFE reactors. I've played with GR-1 config, nerfed its own heat sink to zero, but: Assuming that dedicated radiator is an active device that pumps something through pipes, I've bumped heatConductivity to 0.9. And just out of my head bumped emissiveConstant to 4. Now 4 GR-1 are getting into
  2. So I took MX-1 with 4 GR-1 and several other parts to LKO. MX-1 currently generates 2000Kw of heat, with every radiator folded system balanced itself around 840K. Each GR-1 in folded state 'generates' -25 heat and radiates 70 away. Other parts radiate 40-200. Reactor itself radiates 400. Unfolded GR-1 radiates about 250 in addition to nominal 1250 'ungenerated'. So, radiators are more effective than stated in their manifest.
  3. Great! I did some lazy tests: MX-L and MX-2 last only a dozen of days on full power. MX-1 heat production seems too low. Reactors start up and shut down instantly, produce some power when offline. I will take some to space to see how it goes. Why do radiators use 'negative' heat generation instead of radiative and convective flux?
  4. Well, just for the record, Apollo reentry profile: https://space.stackexchange.com/questions/2661/what-was-apollo-11s-reentry-speed-at-parachute-deployment If the capsule decelerates to subsonic around 10km, then the atmosphere is fine - - - Updated - - - ...but then come the chutes, and these are overpowered. There should be a strength limit, like it was in DRE.
  5. ...got it! fuelCrossFeed property does not exist in decuplers configs, so I just needed to remove '@' from MM cfg. - - - Updated - - - I've fixed the code in previous message.
  6. Yes, if you hang fuel tank on decoupler, it will not crossfeed. But I specifically wanted to put decoupler into slanted nose cone. Here is the craft: https://mega.co.nz/#!cVk2gRLZ!UuGCNXDXQXNaf1OInBlSmQUDJM4sP3iw_h-nVwXoPo8 - - - Updated - - - Any idea why my MM cfg does not work?
  7. +1 on graphical chute tweak Another idea for a fix: disable crossfeed on radial decouplers (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/118597-Decouplers-nose-cones-now-do-crossfeed?p=1893195#post1893195)
  8. EDIT: fixed the code, now it works. @PART[radialDecoupler|radialDecoupler2|radialDecoupler1-2]:FINAL { fuelCrossFeed = False }
  9. I've built a simple 3-stage rocket with no intended crossfeed. Playing with new slanted nose cones, I've hooked them onto radial decouplers (it feels like they are made for each other, and separation in flight is perfect) And the result was that my boosters drained core tanks dry. Both nose cones and decouplers have fuel crossfeed, and placing booster fuel tank in stack under the nose cone triggered 'reverse' asparagus. ...seems like a good reason for me to learn Module Manager syntax...
  10. Here is a simple mod https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/198/EvaFuel It is flagged for 0.24.2, but it worked for me perfectly in 0.90. DIdn't try it in 1.0 yet.
  11. Stack mounted radiator sounds interesting. I tried Nerva on a small ship with one LF tank, inline cockpit, LF adapter and small nosecone. Six Tau radiators on LF tank delayed explosion on a bit less than a minute, and the engine blew up instead of tank.
  12. Tau radiators look nice! So technically they do not radiate, but use 'int flux' instead?
  13. 1.0 rules no matter what, a giant leap. Hooray to Squad! Modders are plugging some holes now, 1.0.1 will follow.
  14. I've lost Valentina three times already by sudden annihilation at the ground. Just walking, or jumping, or getting up after falling over - and POOF! +1 on fixing indestructible insta-stop chutes. Radiators are really in demand. There are some fixes here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/97285-KSP-v1-0-Stock-Bug-Fix-Modules-(Release-v1-0-0-27-Apr-15)-Misc-Utilities-(18-Jan-15)?p=1486867
  15. Great engines, they look magnificent! I wonder what size of tanks would they require. Do you have some LH+O tanks in plans? Will they be a part of NFP, or a separate cryogenic pack?
  16. Good news everyone! Stock will have a new heat distribution system in 1.0 based on energy transfer and the thermal mass of parts with their content! http://kerbaldevteam.tumblr.com/post/112636052913/devnote-tuesday-is-it-march-already
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