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  1. Can dynamic cube maps be used for lighting on non-reflective surfaces? (Planetshine replacement)
  2. Hemispherical tanks (to compose pill-shaped tanks). Radial-to-stack adapters, more pylons and similar structural parts (to properly mount said tanks). Longer tanks. Larger launch clamps (maybe Soyuz-style?). Beefier struts.
  3. How about focusing 1.7 release exclusively on performance and bugfixing? How about doing that with every odd-numbered release?
  4. Discovering planets is a dumb idea. But imaging as a science mechanics would be pretty neat. Have a couple of camera parts. One available early in the career. Imagine the contracts: Go snap Kerbin from space (it's like space exploration 101), snap the far side of the Mun, snap particular place on the surface from certain distance. Make planet maps initially blurry, update gradually after sending pics back to Kerbin.
  5. I have a hunch that engine's staged state might interfere with calculations, because the game treats unstaged disabled engine differently from staged disabled engine.
  6. Are you talking about displaying disabled stage calculation, or stage resetter idea? OK, the latter is out of scope, just some idea I suddenly had. Regarding disabled engines in current stage, there is nothing to guess: just two simple conditions: 1. For current stage calculate only enabled engines. 2. If all engines in current stage are disabled, calculate them all. The problem with current behavior is that when you shut down engines, dV calculation for current stage is lost and there is no way to bring it back other than start those engines again. BTW, feature request for Basi
  7. @DMagic, I have a crazy idea for a simple (I hope) modlet. Maybe, you would be interested in making it happen: Engine Resetter: on pressing X (cut throttle shortcut) shut down active engines in current stage and reset their 'staged' attribute to false (I hope it would be enough to make current stage stageable again). It would be an elegant (in Kerbal terms) solution to non-zero minThrust engines. Update: done some testing In order to reset the stage and its engines the following is needed: 1. set 'state = 0' in engines part's main section 2. set 'Staged =
  8. Here's an idea, adapters that do not have fuel: make them hollow like structural fuselage or structural tubes, also with internal nodes.
  9. Can you please add an option to still calculate engines that are shut down in current stage? I'm playing with non-zero minThrust, and have to shut down engines when not burning, thus loosing dV calculations.
  10. Just to be clear, now a physicsless part attached to a motorized node will become physical (and only it), is that correct?
  11. Well, that's the thing about those markings: they are correct if you think of this part as having an external rotor. It's a rotating cap after all. Is it possible to make NodeRotate assignable to a surface attach node? In this case it would be possible to place attach node roughly at the same position as rotating stack node. ... rotatingNodeName = bottom rotatingSurfaceNode = true ... If enabled and if motor is surface-attached, motorize surface node and not stack node. In this case one could just slap a motor cap on the surface and it will rotate, reducing both part count and roto
  12. Hehe. Thanks for the praise, but I just gave Oscar-B tank a whack and a new paintjob. All the coolness comes from its plain and serviceable cylindrical shape and presence of a normal map to crudely tinker with in GIMP.
  13. I'm back and I've got something to show you. Here is NOB-05 Step Motor Cap (made by squishing and retexturing stock Oscar-B tank mesh). The focus here is on being less ugly than motorPoints and surface-attaching parts to the rotor (although stack and surface nodes are also available) Here it is, playing well with S-MINI radial adapters from Near Future Construction mod: With tubes from Structural Tubing mod:
  14. Started a new career with this mod, so far it's looking great. IMHO, the TWR indicator in basic mode needs some tweaking. Log scale up to 100 isn't all that useful because the action usually takes place roughly between 0.3 and 5. So, 10 would be a reasonable top mark, with more detailed log markings in between. Also, it would be great to have a total DV figure somewhere at hand.
  15. Wow, there is a lot to anticipate ) I've seen somewhere recently that stock Dv calculator takes engine thrust angle into account. Was this feature replicated?
  16. Speaking of end-caps, Mk1-3 capsule's top is smaller than 1.25m and does not mesh well with decouplers, nosecones and LES, which is very sad.
  17. Cool ) Can we have bi-coupler with the same height and roughly the same slant angle as other multicouplers? Right now it is very flat and looks unaerodynamic with its flat shoulders.
  18. You can also hide empty nodes: @TechTree:FINAL { @RDNode,* { @hideEmpty = True } }
  19. I meant new tanks get overridden by deprecated tanks, so unless I delete zDeprecated and ΩDeprecated dirs, I do not see the new tanks.
  20. Ha, new tanks have the same part names as deprecated tanks, so they just override them by order. Removing *Deprecated dirs uncovered new tanks.
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