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  1. It's never late for a bit of necroposting ) @NotTheRealRMS , have you ever continued Throttle Controlled Shutdown? I use it with a set of minThrust altering patches and it generally works great, but it also affects solid rockets on decoupling making sepratrons and LES impossible to use properly.
  2. Not just FL-T400, are those FL-T1600 I see?
  3. I don't think I'll make a set. And radial point's rim does not have enough real estate to put something there and make it look nice. I have some ideas about making this thing from other stock parts, but of course a proper solution would be to dust off Blender and make a couple from scratch. I do not know when I will manage to do any, can be hours or months ) Meanwhile, you may do whatever you want with this thing
  4. It works great! About my motor point thingy, it's too small of a project. Would you be interested in including it as an optional extra to NodeRotate?
  5. Thanks! I happen to have photos of my old ripped open floppy drive lying around. The whole would-be distribution is just one config and one texture. There are paths to stock stuff in the config, but no stock stuff itself.
  6. OK, it's somewhat salvageable. Anybody knows the correct syntax for adding a bumpmap? ...on the other hand, it won't be much visible.
  7. Well, it looks like excrements. I'll probably try to bake something in Blender some day. But you get the idea: Edit: forum autoreplacer is hilarious.
  8. ok, let's worry about clickability later. You can make an example patch that modifies existing BZ-52. I'll experiment with retexturing in a day or so, we'll see where that can lead.
  9. So rotation controls would be available on both sides of the joint, is that correct? Then, let's target BZ-52, copy it, and place motor on the top node. Is physical insignificance ok for a motor?
  10. Today I learned that stock BZ-52 attachment point has 'PhysicsSignificance = 1' effectively saving physical part count. IMHO doing that for other attachment points would be logical.
  11. I thought of it too, haven't decided what is better yet. What would be a preferable configuration: motor is fixed to the parent part (attachment point variant), or motor rotates against the parent part (adapter variant)? New parts can be created by combining existing models in MM patch, like this. I can draw a new texture for BZ-52. We can make a patch that would create 2 new parts with BZ-52 model and the new texture: one in the original 1,25m size, the other x0.5 size for small things.
  12. I can't find the revised stock docking port everybody is talking about. Oh, it's in SSPXr...
  13. Linear ports are great! Even greater with DockRotate mod's auto-straighting feature. Here is a patch to relax capture restrictions up to 5 degrees in this case: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDockingNode]] { @MODULE[ModuleDockingNode]:HAS[#nodeType[linear1]],* { %captureMinRollDot:NEEDS[DockRotate] = 0.99904822 } @MODULE[ModuleDockingNode]:HAS[#nodeType[linear2]],* { %captureMinRollDot:NEEDS[DockRotate] = 0.99904822 } } Cubic family struts seem to have misaligned nodes or models. There are gaps between them. Most noticeably on one end of Cubic-Family Large Strut:
  14. Would you kindly consider this?
  15. No escape from manual work... BTW, with this amount of repeated action it might be more optimal to mark modules with some variable first, and then assign actual configs based on that mark. like this: @PART[engine1|engine2|lots|of|other|engines|] { throttleProfile = shallow } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[@PROPELLANT[Oxidizer]],!MODULE[ThrottleLimiterModule],#tags[*land*]] { throttleProfile = deep } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[@PROPELLANT[Oxidizer]],!MODULE[ThrottleLimiterModule],#tags[*sustain*]] { throttleProfile = shallow } ... ... // lots of other mark
  16. That mod is irrelevant. The point is not to set minThrust to 0 (like by not applying the patch). The point is to shut down engines that have minThrust > 0. One way to do it is to dynamically set minThrust to 0 when ship's throttle is 0 and revert the value when throttle is not 0. This can not be done by MM patch.
  17. How much hassle would it be to account for possibility of minThrust changing at runtime? There is a plugin that uses this trick to allow shutting down engines with non-zero minThrust: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/173478-minthrust-handling-request/ But it does not work while DTC is in control.
  18. Modded. Like by this kind of patch. You missed the point.
  19. Is it possible to enable/disable attachment node?
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