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  1. To apply a theme you have to click on a tiny icon inside a theme item.
  2. Variants can be associated with common themes. A theme can then be selected in VAB's advanced categories and applied to all parts that have variants marked with such theme. Also, multiple ModulePartVariants instances per part give multiple selectors (or has something changed in 1.4.2?)
  3. Hello everyone! Since Squad hasn't yet addressed the problem with minThrust handling (engines with minThrust > 0 can not be shut down by throttle, complex bug report is here) , I would like to request the simplest possible mod solution that does just that without affecting anything else. A good starting point would be ThrottleControlledShutdown plugin by @NotTheRealRMS which dynamically sets engine's minThrust to 0 when ship's throttle is 0. Maybe someone would be kind enough to refurbish and clean this thing up, (i.e. 'foreach' are bad as far as I heard). Or maybe there
  4. @Kerbas_ad_astra Are you sure that tag selection works? I recently found out the hard way that OR operator ("|") does not work in HAS blocks.
  5. Cool! I haven't tested anything yet, but is there any progress on resolving conflict with SmokeScreen/RealPlume? Edit: on first glance I do not see throttle lock problem anymore with SS/RP installed.
  6. nodeType is inside ModuleDockingNode. With this selector it would probe for it in root.
  7. Whoa, how is that supposed to work? nodeType is a value, so it should be #nodeType. Anyway, I've checked your syntax with both #nodeType and @nodeType. I've also used "size1|size2" selector, but nodes with size0 were also affected, so something is wrong here.
  8. Yes it is, this syntax is correct from the hierarchal standpoint. I want to select only stock-compatible docking ports.
  9. Hi! I'm trying to use this selector: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDockingNode]:HAS[#nodeType[size0|size1|size2]]] It does not work. The problem seems to be in "size0|size1|size2" part. Is this a bug, or OR is not supported in HAS values by design?
  10. An update for angled docking patch: instead of targeting specific parts, target ModuleDockingNode's nodeType (by stock values): // Add angle snapping to Docking ports with stock nodeType values (12 increments as on textures) // Author: Psycho_zs @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDockingNode]] { @MODULE[ModuleDockingNode]:HAS[#nodeType[size0]],* { // If you want X degrees wide margin, use cos(0.5*X) as captureMinRollDot // 0.5 degrees = 0.99999048 // 1 degree = 0.99996192 // 2 degrees = 0.9998477 // 3 degrees = 0.99965732 // 5 degrees = 0.99904822 %captureMinRollDot:NEEDS
  11. Is there / will there be a full documentation on ModulePartVariants?
  12. Jumbo tank has 'sideTubes = true' object in orange variant, but I do not see any geometry changes when switching themes on this tank. Is this a bug?
  13. Sadly, not even close. Not enough of those sharp cracks and low pitched rumble that shadows them with amplitude pulses. BTW it is also used in RealPlume.
  14. Good news. @NecroBones just released Fuel Tanks Plus fully converted to stock mesh switching. From what I can see, (in FTP case) it is a simple boolean list of objects in each variant. I also messed around with config a bit, multiple instances of ModulePartVariant give multiple selectors for a part, and as long as variants in instances do not contradict each other, those selectors are independent. Judging from Making History previews it is also possible to manipulate stack nodes, but I've seen no config examples as of yet.
  15. Offtopic: how does triple joint work? Is it just a triple-strength joint, or three actual joints, do they have geometric offset?
  16. Down with the endcaps. Partcount isn't worth the trouble.
  17. Do these shrouds work correctly with FAR? It seems, FAR does not voxelize them, at least judging by debug in VAB. I only know how to exclude part from FAR calculations by removing GeometryPartModule Maybe some kind of reverse action would help.
  18. BTW, it would be logical to treat multidock situations with unrestricted ports similar to restricted ports, only in this case snap to angle that would put secondary pairs into the best possible alignment.
  19. Judging by angle readout, snap usually misses by 0.02 degrees. I've also tested multidock with two pairs of ports. On one attempt vessels docked successfully, with the second pair of ports was slightly misaligned (although connected). Usual Stock situation. Trying to rotate to snap on primary pair didn't work. Perhaps, multidock ability also requires suppressing and reinstatement . On second multidock attempt I've got logspam from DockRotate: "advancedRotation() called on wrong module, ignoring". Undocking didn't stop it.
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