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  1. If you aren't capable of sorting the parts folder then when you add more things to the mod please consider placing the newly added craft into its own folder if you do not already.
  2. Would it be possible to have a lite version that doesn't include launchers or spaceplanes? Or making the file structure consistent with the list.
  3. What do you mean exactly? You could just put the parts in an extras folder, If that's what you mean. EDIT: Alright, Thank you.
  4. Will the older cab be abandoned? I prefer this version over the buffalo look.
  5. You need Infernal robotics to get it to work, And infernal robotics isn't updated yet, So you can't if you're in 1.2
  6. Thank you for the response, But it appears to use WBIConvertibleStorage for the animation.
  7. Question, Is it possible to add a deploy limit onto the Wagon? I want to make the animation deploy to that, But simply copying and pasting code does not cut it, So how do i do it? (If possible)
  8. Will the gondola parts be included in the buffalo mod too? EDIT: Great! Can't wait to use the parts.
  9. I doubt that's possible without creating your own code, But an alternative would be to generate a flag with the name you want for the ship.
  10. I would, but i have no idea how to procure any texture switching plugins nor how to use them.
  11. I have a suggestion, a bit off topic but what about a texture switch plugin for alternate textures? (sorry for that reply part, i have no idea how to remove it.)
  12. I'm trying to make a texture switch add-on for a mod. (tantares) And i'd like to be pointed in the right direction to finding out how to use the code and where to even find it, Sorry if i put this topic in the wrong forum.
  13. What do you mean by the nodes? does that mean the animations will be broken?
  14. I have a problem, I can't get the url, when i click the link my internet provider redirects me to "www. not found." and i can't copy the url because of this.
  15. [quote name='Beale']Check Kerbal Stuff Previous Vers. :)[/QUOTE] Didn't know that existed, Thanks!
  16. I have a question, Does anyone have any files for tantares before the new docking port hub? i'd like to try to bring back the previous hub for personal use.
  17. [quote name='Beale'] Not sure what you are saying...?[/QUOTE] Next time i'll analyze my comment before posting, What i meant was that i would like the old hub added so the smaller docking ports wouldn't be harder to use.
  18. I just realized something.. What about the old docking ports? I think the new docking hub looks cool.. but what about the old one?
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