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  1. hola! just wanted to say, real plume is an amazing mod. i really appreciate all the work those of you put into it. i am curious, is there a way to decrease the amount of 'smoke particles' without loosing the 'plume effect'? in other words, if i've edited the 'maximumActiveParticles' can i prioritize the plume? i've taken a look at some of the .cfgs, but nothing seems to really stand out. if anyone has a solution or can direct towards one. thank you! keep up the amazing work. game on!
  2. awesome stuff, bob! i really enjoyed today's odyssey episode! as for my findings ala KW, no joy... maybe it's my payload (which flies wonderfully with the procedural fairings), but i've yet to make it more than 30-40 degrees into my gravity turn before drag seems to grab it and flip the thing about. i'll continue to experiment a bit, to be honest, this will be the first time i've played with the 5m sets... i've always found the 2.5m bits to be enough! i'll get back to you! keep up the fantastic work! game on!
  3. my 'felbourn' directory does indeed have the AIES.cfg... i'll give the KW stuff a go in the morning. i really appreciate the work you've put into the odyssey series, please don't let this little project here keep you from enjoying a (well deserved) day off!
  4. i haven't had any luck with the AIES fairings yet, though i'm still working my way through a few of the smaller sizes... as for KW, i assume i need to merge the 'extras/oldFARfairings' data into my 'gamedata'? seeing as the only KW fairings i have available otherwise are "procedural"... i've yet to mess about with HGR at all.
  5. you, sir... never cease to amaze! i'd love to have the "old" fairings back. i always enjoyed the challenge of designing a payload within the constraints of the "solid" fairing walls. the new procedural system is cool (yet ugly), don't get me wrong, but not my preference. i do hope you'll continue development of this plugin, though i'm sure you're busy with your other projects... i'd love to provide assistance if i can, namely testing and such (not much of a programmer). keep up the fantastic work, bob! game on!
  6. spreading the word! http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/2v5rf4/the_rightest_of_stuff/, great work sir!!! cant wait for updates! keep it up!
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