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  1. I’m still here guys, I’ll be releasing an update here in a couple weeks. Thanks for hanging around haha
  2. I'll fiddle with it and get a more polished zip file updated. Along with github source coding for it too. No solid timetables, but I'll get it out when I can. -Carbonjvd
  3. Ands its up, have fun! Recontinued
  4. Here is the new thread for RLA Recontinued, be warmed though that the link to Spacedock isn't there yet as the site went down just as I was about to publish it, will update ASAP. So feel free to let me know if you beat me to noticing that its back up!
  5. This is continuation of @hoojiwana RLA Stockalike mod, which is now being continued by yours truly. As such I deem no official ownership, just the maintenance thereof. What is RLA_Stockalike? "Parts to fill stock niches, including 0.625m LFO engines and tanks, a full suite of monopropellant engines ranging from 2.5m to sub-0.625m, brand new 0.625m SRBs, 0.625m high efficiency engines using LiquidFuel, Monopropellant or Xenon, a number of new probe cores with varied specialisations and shapes, more ways to produce electricity, a range of RCS blocks both large and small, and structural parts to glue it all together with." What is RLA Recontinued? This is an all-in-one package that keeps RLA Continued mod updated into the future, much like how it kept the original RLA Stockalike updated itself. Previous Version Thread: Other Things: Should @hoojiwana return at some point, much like @Deimos Rast before me, I will gladly step aside and hand over control to him to use as he sees fit. I am fully aware that this is his mod, not mine. License/Legal: CC-BY-SA-4.0 @hoojiwana as far as is known, has no knowledge of this continuation; as per license requirement, I cannot and do not claim that he has endorsed these changes. Credits: @hoojiwana is the original creator of RLA_Stockalike. @Deimos Rast is the former maintainer of RLA_Continued. @Carbonjvd is the current maintainer of RLA Recontinued. Installation Instruction: - Please uninstall all previous versions prior to updating RLA to the latest version. - Place RLA_Stockalike folder into GameData directory. - Has no dependencies (Module Manager is optional) Download: Spacedock: Recontinued CKAN (Soon..)
  6. I'm finishing up the work as we speak, so it should be out in here tonight or earlier tomorrow morning. Hope to see every at the new thread, which I should really make already.. -Carbonjvd
  7. Looks like the interest is there so I'll start working on the new RLA Stockalike for 1.3, hopefully in a week or so it should be out. I'll post a new thread for it here shortly. Thanks again the support everyone! -Carbonjvd
  8. Being a bit of a cfg wizard myself, I could keep the mod updated and functional if people want it still. Just say so, and I'll get the up and running in no time! -Carbonjvd
  9. Solaris Hypernautics is back! Its been a good long while coming, but its here. The mod is now official updated for KSP v1.3.0, but let me know if their problems still. Two main points of the update include an overhaul of the nuclear jets to use both liquid fuel and blutonium as fuel sources. Included in the overhaul is new particle effects and far greater ISP's. The other major new feature is a heavy addition of the fairly hidden stock upgrade mechanic, now being fully utilized for parts. Upgrades for utility type parts were the major focus of this update, though engine type parts will be the focus of a future update if the demand is there. Besides those two features, a variety of little bug fixes and tweaks were implemented to help polish out the mod. Thanks again for everybodies support, and have fun flying! - Carbonjvd
  10. @lBoBl Glad to see there is still interest in my mod haha. Well to address the concerns, the nuclear jet and scramjet were originally meant to have dual fuel modes, but I later dropped the idea. The descriptions are left overs from back then. To be fair though, since you brought it up I may just reintroduce that feature in again. Thanks! Now the other matter involving the catalyst engines and their dust modes producing no thrust. That is actually how they're meant to work, drawing in atmosphere to filter out the dust and store it. Its meant as an easy and quick way to collect large amounts of dust for processing without collecting it from the solar wind. And as a result of the drawing in, the thrust will show as a negative. Thanks again for the second looks! PS, I'm fiddling with a couple last features before updating the mod, to everyone.
  11. @eldemarco It works just fine in 1.3 as is, but I'll be uploading an updated one here within the next week or so. For whom it may concern, its mostly just tweaks here and there. I'm still trying to get the damn background processing for the resource system.
  12. @C4TV4D0R Woops, guess I'm missed that one. I'll have it corrected in the next update here quickly. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
  13. Hello everybody, its update feedback time again! Since its been a good few days since the latest update was released, what are the questions, comments, and or concerns for the next one? - Carbonjvd @Kerbinidiel The two mods are derivatives of the original Ion Hybrids Mods mod. The Revived version maintains the parts original functionality while keeping it up to date with the newer KSP versions. The Solaris Hypernautics version reimagines the parts and adds new parts to the mod into something bigger and better. @Wolves_Hero Yeah the different tech tree mods will move around the parts as determined by their new trees along with my own balancing it within the stock tech tree. Less cheaty, but still very fun!
  14. To all those whom it may concern, your requests have been answered. The mod has been updated to be compatible with KSP v1.2.2 with this latest release of Solaris Hypernautics v0.5.4!!! Alright, that's enough grandstanding. Onto what got changed around for this update beyond actually working in the latest version of KSP. Existing parts have all been moved to their corresponding categories that were introduced in KSP v1.2, so Electrical, Thermal, etc. Similarly the added comms functions, like hibernation and Kerbnet, have been added to all the corresponding parts. The Nuclear Fuel Pod and the Dust Refinery have both had one attachment point ever so slightly moved for better alignment and connectivity. A very big thank you to user Putnam for providing the coding required for CTT integration, or Community Tech Tree. With this file, the mod is fully compatible with the two largest tech tree mods, the other being ETT or Engineering Tech Tree. Thanks again Putnam for your big contribution! One final major fix in this update was the Specialist Bonus that was causing major issues with a resource conversion efficiencies. It has now been remedied so all parts will return to their previous efficiencies but have a minor bonus when the craft is crewed with an engineer. This extra bonus is small, but it can still help when trying to maximize the efficiency of ship-wide systems. Well there you have it, the wait is over. If there are any issues, just reply here or in the Dev Thread at Have fun! - Carbonjvd
  15. Who's ready for an updated?! Just checking in if people are still interested in the mod. Hopefully yes. If you are still hanging in there, yes I'm still around. Now that my college semester has finally ended, I'll be updating it within the next couple days to week. Happy holidays and be on the look out your present! -Carbonjvd