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  1. I guess Steam is auto updating it every time there is any update... CKAN is saying
  2. Game crashes at start up every time I start it. I have never had similar issues, but I played last time like 6 months ago.
  3. Why they are not sharing any info on it via official channels (even twitter)?
  4. Any update on fairing? Did they recovered some or they just smashed into ocean in more-or-less controlled way?
  5. Hey, I have uninstaled all mods in order to play stock KSP an now my Mk16 parachute have 0.0 effective diameter.... Is it known problem? Any solution?
  6. Heeey... is there anything to be said about reentry? I mean, it's easy to drop a command pod... but how about something bigger? How to bring down a science vehicle containing command pod two material bays and and some other, small stuff? Playing RSS, in the early stage of the game the only way to get science from far bioms is delivering science stuff there in ICBM-style... aaaaand the problem is to reenter all of that. Whole thing start flipping immediately after hitting top layers of the atmosphere and a moment later things start exploding.... Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I am trying to bring back my capsule with two material bays and service bay, but as soon as I go into 60 km I lost control over this thing, it starts to flip and all except capsule burn... Do you know any idea to reentry something more than just a command pod? It is early stage of game, I unlocked just 3rd level of tech tree. My flight is suborbital KSC->north pole.
  8. May I ask for link to ACTUAL RSS biomes? I mean maps pf their locations on the planets (at least Earth, please).
  9. Any idea when RO may be released for current version of KSP?
  10. ...Said it to fast.... Can't find realism overhaul I mean it is, but in incompatibile version what to do?
  11. Stupid question, but I wasn't following issue for some time... did they finally launched retrieved booster?? Doesn't matter, found the answer
  12. Ok, I have reinstalled everything and CKAN found all up-to-date mods.
  13. ...and can't get my mods to work. RSS and realism overhaul seems to not be up to date and there is no current version. SHould I reinstali everything?
  14. Please, enlight me - they do static tests with payload on top of the first stage? Is it standard procedure?
  15. I think they have tried to make it slower as they damaged landing leg last time and they just went to far with slowing it down.