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  1. Request: how about adding a Precision Controls toggle to auto-actions? I generally prefer to launch with it on.
  2. What if I don't want to switch scenes over to R&D? :/
  3. This would be really quite nice. I never use the bar-clicky because I don't like hiding the MET, and sometimes you want to have a "stop everything" button in easy reach.
  4. My vote? Have a button/key that pulls up the "review" menu for all science on the vessel, probably with a sort of table-of-contents listing. I play mostly IVA now, and currently the only way to review experiments is the right-click menu.
  5. What the status of an official V6 release? I'm mostly interested for patching MJ, SCANsat, and RPM to play nice again.
  6. Yeah, that's pretty much where I'm stuck now. I'd like to be able to review all data on the craft.
  7. Sometimes hitting just F brings up the page, when the hotkey should me alt-f. Pressing alt-f once fixes it.
  8. Is there a hotkey to bring up the experiments collected menu? I sometimes lose track of experiments if I click "store" with the intent of transmitting later.
  9. This seem like it'd be entirely ridiculous to use. I may have to try it
  10. I think I love you. And yes, I am saying "proof of concept".
  11. And the approach was lined up so nicely...KSP: the only space program where "cut the wings off" is a substitute for ejection seats.
  12. Can't the other ship turn the ion engine off, since it'll have become part of their vessel?
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