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    [1.0.5] RemoteTech XF [RemoteTech v.1.6.9]

    Replace the .dll inside the remote tech folder.
  2. Thnd3r

    You hardest contract in KSP

    Hardest one I've ever had was in 0.90, eject a class E asteroid out of the solar system. I had to turn on infinite fuel and let it burn for about 3 hours. The stupid claw caused me to have to pull the asteroid at about 50% thrust so it wouldn't spin around out of control. No way to push it.
  3. Thnd3r

    BURAN Shuttle - Release

    In case you wanted more source material for your models, thats all.
  4. Sorry, I did a search for Buran and nothing came up. Close it if you want.
  5. The above link shows pictures of what happens when governments fall. It's sad that there is a reasonably operational shuttle sitting there that won't see space.
  6. Thnd3r

    BURAN Shuttle - Release

    I'll just put this here....
  7. Thnd3r

    Cities: Skylines

    The game is currently 25% off right now during the Steam Summer Sale. Get it now!
  8. Thnd3r

    Cities: Skylines

    Buy it, it is good Much time will be wasted, as a matter of fact, probably hundreds of hours over the summer lol.
  9. Thnd3r

    School District IT shenanigans

    The district I work for images computers after every school year. While we don't provide all students with computers, at least all of the staff laptops and the desktop computers get imaged. There's absolutely zero need to run a virus scan IMO. The only time I've ever called a student to the office for computer stuff is when they were bullying or attempting to hack the system. I don't care if they play video games or go on facebook, although I've been known to go into their files and delete cracked games from time to time...
  10. Thnd3r

    getting to know the game

    The demo does not have any efficient engines. Just the LV-T30 and some boosters IIRC. It's still possible to build a rocket that orbits, gets to the Mun, lands and returns in the demo though. I would suggest utilizing the build tools in the top left to offset your engine into the fuel tank so that the lander legs will work properly. Of course if you're just wanting to orbit, try this: command pod with parachute, small inline reaction wheel, 2 tanks, engine, decoupler, 10 tanks, engine. No fins or boosters. Press T and space, it should go straight up. At 7000M pitch slowly on the 90 degree vector. Not too fast. The first stage should get you to space, second stage to circularize, and there should be more than enough fuel to return. I just tested this exact rocket in the demo, and it worked just fine even though my orbit was terrible and I wasted a crap ton of fuel. Hope that helps.
  11. Kerbal Attachment System 0.5.0 and Kerbal Inventory System 1.1.4 have been updated.
  12. Thnd3r

    30 parts limit??

    Yes, upgrade VAB for part limit increases, and upgrade Launchpad for size and weight increases. Do this by right-clicking the building before you enter it. You will see a button that says "upgrade" and the number of funds required to do so.
  13. Thnd3r

    My Birthday, and First Job!

    Bag Boy at the grocery store was my first job. To this day I try to stack my groceries on the belt in a way that they can be bagged properly... Produce together, cold stuff together etc. in the hopes that they will bag it the right way. Sadly it only works about 50% of the time.
  14. Thnd3r

    Just got my Associate's degree.

    That's great! Congratulations!!