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  1. Holy mother of Kerbin. Wasn't expecting to see this today. Thanks LGG!
  2. It takes as long as it takes Totally going to be worth the wait. Probably about time i get KS3P though going by those screenies
  3. This, so much this. I'd rather it take months and not introduce more bugs than be released before its ready and mess things up more than it fixes!
  4. Welcome back to the modding community then - it's cute, and going straight into my ever growing collection of mods
  5. For that you'll need KoS as well as FMRS with a script that you can run (requires trial and error) to automatically go through the process. Sadly beyond that, I don't think you can do low level (as in in physics range) automated powered recovery.
  6. Hrmm interesting, always retains East for me. Perhaps something for both @Snark and @magico13 to look into if you can supply the relevant log files @Gordon Dry
  7. Thanks for the heads up. You don't happen to have a patreon account we can start slinging money into to help get you a new build do you? @severedsolo ?
  8. Bleeps, bloops and chatter all the way to mun and back make me a happy camper. Nice job fixing it
  9. Simulations are now done via KRASH. Lemme go grab the link for you: i think it was because there might have been requests/demand for the test simulator without KCT
  10. A perfectly Kerbal name for a brilliant mod. I really like UPA (Unrapid Planned Assembly). Has a great feel to it and suits the idea to a tee
  11. As a 1.4.x player and knowing that the 1.4.x version can't be backwards compatible with 1.3.x because of changes under the hood, I don't mind waiting however long it takes for a 1.4.x version if you tidy up and release a 1.3.x version first for the 1.3.x players
  12. That's exactly why Yemo did it that way, as with Procedurals, you could cover the Octo with a nose cone for aero stability
  13. I'm buying it. KSP has brought me many many hours of joy, over 360 hours in fact. i'd say that an additional $15 for more content after receiving so many free updates to my purchase in late 2013 (few months after the cut-off) is a fair investment as a thanks for making something I have loved and enjoyed. To be honest I don't think the base game will ever be how I personally want it, but the amazing modding community caters to the things I like that squad hasn't so. Win/win in my eyes