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  1. Can't remembered the last time I posted... so I guess I'm new again. KSP came back and grabbed my re-attention real hard recently and I can't get anything done IRL. Feels good to be home What did I miss?
  2. Haven't played KSP in quite a while! I miss all the mishaps and accidental successes! I need something to get me away from my Red Dead Online addiction.
  3. TBH I've not played that much since 1.1 There have been too many bugs (landing legs being the worst) and my favourite mods being retired. Plus I'm no longer studying, so I don't need to procrastinate so much Still, if I was ever to be on New Player Has Joined (podcast), this would be the game where I talk their ears off. Nothing else comes close.
  4. I am ok with the delay. There's so much unplayed stuff in my collection to keep my occupied until then. I hope its smooth sailing from here for the Dev team.
  5. @SuicidalInsanity Sweet mod. I'm not sure on the physics of it all, but it got me to Duna and had fun doing so. Would have landed successfully too had my ship not bounced and fallen apart. I look forward to the rest of the updates.
  6. Hi CobaltWolf, Love this mod. I keep coming back to it time & again. I've just noticed a slight hiccup. The LEO (sweet little capsule BTW) IVA & Cutaway is rotated 180 degrees from the externals. EG: When facing the mun with the windshield/porthole? the IVA shows the sky. Anyway, time to boot up and continue my adventures
  7. Aww, this thread makes me want to go back and re-start my build (my console got destroyed in a toolbox avalanche). Funny thing is, once I stopped studying I also stopped my hobbies. No electronics or model rockets have been built in nearly two years. I've just been playing guitar, making beer and getting fatter. Still have all the hardware though and recently came back to KSP after a long break. This time I might keep it simple. Just a few LED displays and fuel gauges.
  8. Just got the notification about this thread a moment ago. My PC decided not to work the day Making History was released, and I've only been able to get online now. I really want to finish my control panel, but now that I'm not studying I don't have the motivation to do hobby electronics. My old panel had an accident, so I'll need to start from scratch, but also scale down to bare minimum. Just a couple of readouts for Altimeter, Apo and Peri and maybe fuel. This will be the housing.
  9. Looking at this video, the design stage seems to have a bit more depth to it. As for general assembly, I can't imagine that there are all that many options for stacking tubes together. Then again, I never imagined how a space sim would work. Seems pretty obvious now, but that's just me after years of playing KSP.
  10. I tried the gel medium method with a photo. #1 don't use photo paper. #2 it'll work, but it will also add a patina of age to the decals. The last layer of paper is really hard to get off. This makes the final image a little cloudy. It has a pleasing effect on photographs, but maybe not so good for professional decal results.
  11. I'm in Australia. I'm lucky the ants weren't poisonous spiders. Anyway..., back on topic. The world doesn't seem to have ended with the IP acquisition, but I'm holding off playing until the he DLC comes out. I kinda went out of control playing too much just before 1.3 dropped.
  12. As someone who has a free coffee machine in the office, I won't drink the stuff. One time there were ants in the machine. Also the coffee is awful.
  13. I once started a boutique music electronics business. Billing the time invested in building the things was not practical as the end product would be ridiculous high. Net result? I work a terrible desk job to pay the bills. Electronics remains a hobby.
  14. I too have suffered the Kraken in my 1.3 career. My space station was being supplied automatically by routine mission manager and there's a certain combo that will cause the exact same issue as the O.P. On their Minmus orbiter. My station became stations.
  15. 1.3.0 for me. Still looking forward to two mods being updated (they're luxuries and not essentials), but otherwise all systems go.
  16. Ok, I managed to replicate after calling for two of the same resupply vessel. They were docked to either side of the remainder of the damaged station. There was also a third vessel of the same name serving as storage in line with the main craft, but with different storage levels compared to the RMM craft that just docked. I managed to undock one of the RMM craft, which in turn called off the cracked attack. Hope this helps in diagnosing the issue. Bear in mind I'm using 50 ~mods
  17. Eh, no Kerman was hurt and I never liked that end of the station anyway Tried your mod again and it was just fine on the now, two separate stations. No problem on either segment. At the time of the accident, I did have another identical module docked with the same name. I thought this might have been the root of the Issue, but I could not replicate and summon the Kraken again.
  18. Is it normal for your ship/station to generate phantom forces and rip itself apart? This just happened my first time out with this mod. Kind of amusing, but I'm left trying to figure out how to salvage it.
  19. This kind of happens on my Logitech 3D extreme when in a rover. The throttle becomes more like the forward/back control and it's a bit tricky to stop the vehicle on the centre.
  20. Maybe 6. 2 for 1.3 (1 modded and 1 stock). Then a few others back to .90 Though once it updates, I never go back to the old ones.
  21. I imagine it'll be about the same as my i5 clocked at 4.1ghz turbo. I managed a 4.4ghz oc once and the increase in performance wasn't really noticeable. It runs just fine, even if ksp stutter persists regardless of system spec.
  22. Yep. Use it all the time. Especially since I'm now dependent on the M.O.L.E. mod (for happiness and wellbeing, naturally), which has the ports built in to the crewed capsules.
  23. With the ip acquisition of KSP, we have a slightly higher chance of getting a mobile device app serving as a vessel creator. It would make the daily commute an order of magnitude more enjoyable. *I base this on my imagination only.
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