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  1. I did that and they showed up. Your theory worked!
  2. Oh. Well i thought that was an easter egg, cause of the space race.
  3. Hi everybody! So i found this out. When you search "Communism" or "Communist" in the VAB or SPH parts search bar, it shows up with the Munar Excursion Module. Is this a bug or easter egg?
  4. The only part i am missing is the solar panel. Do i copy the entire solarpanel-deploying folder? I'll try that.
  5. I tried to move the solar panels into the new folder, didn't work. This is what i'm trying to get into my game. https://kerbalx.com/Critter79606/Hermes
  6. There isn't a deprecated folder in the latest download. Or do you mean the old one? I'm a terrible modder.
  7. Ok. I might be able to put them into the new folder.
  8. There is a missing part, named solarpanel-deploying-2x3-1. I'm trying to load in a craft with that part, and that part is missing.
  9. i still wish you could have a firefight in space
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