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  1. So, What happened to the structural pylon and the small hardpoint having an option to be removed from the staging?
  2. GUYS AUTOLOC IS BACK! I installed Tac life support, USI, And snacks. But none of them worked, So i deleted them.
  3. I'm downloading it the right way i think, But it still says i'm downloading it incorrectly.
  4. oh my god its beautiful
  5. It didn't tell me which textures to download..
  6. It kinda worked, the button appeared, But when i clicked the arrow to change the texture, Nothing happened. Do you know ho to fix this?
  7. The "Mod" Doesn't work..
  8. There was something that happened to ksp on Steam, I could not launch it on Steam, so i had to do open on the kerbal to launch ksp. But then i launched it on steam, And it worked!
  9. Good! I may try it sometime.
  10. What if kerbals had different textures? Like different colored hair, Facial hair, And even more stuff! I Mean, Kerbals Could look different, Not just be the same old kerbals..