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  1. Hi, I may be going off topic, But i was wondering if Balsa Model Flight simulator would have helicopters. Thanks!
  2. tEm ALlErGIC tO SPaYC!!!!11!!! tEm hAv hOOvES
  3. Hello, I'd like you ksp fighter jet creators to publish your Russian fighter jets and helicopters. I was thinking that you could do MIG Jets, SU Series jets, And kamov and mil helicopter series. The mods you need to use are Airplane plus, BDarmory, And the dlc. (You can use those and any other mod you like. Those mods are recommended.) Good luck!
  4. Still broken. I did install firespitter parts pack and put the parts in the Airplane plus firespitter. Maybe that's what's wrong.
  5. The tail rotors are broken. Whenever i use a helicopter with them, even the helicopters you made, The helicopters spin out of control. Please help me.
  6. What if you could make CUSTOM kerbals. Like mii editor. You could chose the tone of their voice.
  7. Hi, I am looking forward to making a c-130j Replica. But i need the six blade heavy props. Does anyone know a mod that mas them? Thanks.
  8. Sorry, I was going to post a joke about flying the reliant robin to the moon.
  9. Oh hey it worked! Maybe i should have checked before i posted. Sorry!