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  1. Can I use Liquid Fuel with Thermal Turbojet? My fuel selection for that engine doesn't show LF I'm asking because the ingame description for Termal Turbojet has LF listed as a fuel.
  2. Guys, which part packs do you use for spaceplanes with those big, heavy reactors? Stock means way to many parts, which causes garbage collector stutters, FPS drops and other issues.
  3. 3,5 years later - is there a Filter Extension for this mod?
  4. So it's 2019. Has this been fixed? Necroing two year old thread, because starting a new one, to ask about the exact same thing. would be stupid.
  5. Can't wait for KSP2 by Take Two: $5 RCS parts Megapack DLC - "Manouver easily in vacuum!" $5 Ladders & Jet-pack - "Land your ship, get out and explore!" $2 30-days Premium Pack - "Tired of dV <REDACTED> requirements? Antimatter engines!" No modding required! (nor possible) - "...We've decided to work even harder on this game to give our custmers the best experince they can get. Mods are no longer required to fully enjoy KSP, so there is no need for KSP to support them..."
  6. If you want to become a rocket scientist, you probably should learn English anyway.
  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for KSP 2.0, hopefully I won't be to old to enjoy it. Thank you for your honesty.
  8. I agree, hence my question in post above. Assuming the "return" is additional revenue from more copies sold, I asked what the crowdfunding campaign target should be? I for one, would like to play this awsome game without stutter. To that end, I'm willing to pay for KSP for a second time and I don't belive I'm alone in this matter.
  9. So what will it take to fix it? I assume that reducing the amont of garbage created is resource intensive process. Like many things in life - it's not impossible, just expensive. If we create a crowdfunding campaign "Make KSP great again", what the magic number would be?
  10. Pardon me, I forgot I'm not supposed to use sarcasm on the internet. What I meant was, not a single Unity game I played had this stutter nonsense. Before 1.2 rolled out, I thought garbage collector was just a guy waking me up in the middle of the night with his dump truck. When you look at it this way, KSP is an unique enlightening experince, where one cannot simply play the game and enjoy it. You need to understand software design witchcraft, peaks, memory leaks, padheaps and whatnot. You never get that sort of depth playing Battlefield.
  11. It's a very elite feature, I haven't seen it in any other Unity games. Aparently, we are very lucky.
  12. I did some more tests, during ~3 year travel to Jool TORY was loosing Thermal Power constantly. First screenshot is taken when idling, second one at full throttle. No radiators on craft. No other reactors. Other part mods used - OPT, NF (though I only used solar panels on this craft), DMagic scinece parts. KSP 1.2.1 KSPIE 1.11.4 IMGUR
  13. I can't tell you the exact time, but I got around 1 MN of thrust on a Hohmann burn to Duna and about half of that during my return burn. Duna launch was timed with Kerbal Alarm Clock, just few hours on surface and the return trip without waiting for transfer window. Should I use additional radiators with these two engines? Do they need to be deployed even when idle?
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