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  1. The skill of other players always frustrates me haha - I've been playing for five years and I can barely land on the mun
  2. Been reading since Kron 2. Sad that it's over, happy that it happened. Amazing series dude. Congrats.
  3. Took a break from the internet and the like for the summer, glad to come back to this! Great progress since I left in early June!
  4. Fred Johnson said a bit about the flight profile of the Nauvoo- it would accelerate to its interstellar trajectory, and then the engines would shut off- the drive wasn't a problem. It the ecosystem of the Nauvoo was the big issue.
  5. I more meant your KSOS mission reports- could never get the damn mod to work
  6. Been following Angel since the KSOS mission reports and I hecked my computer by accident a few months back and can't afford a new one- I've got a notebook that allows me to do work and play Democracy or the Legend of Korra video game, nothing more. I can't even play KSP but I'm super invested in these mods because he's head and shoulders above any other parts modder on the forums
  7. Man that is one sexy cockpit and the modelling on the exterior too it just keeps getting better You blow me away with your mods
  8. Don't even play RSS/RO but I'm gonna follow the progress of this mod because it's so cool
  9. Honestly I'd be fine if there was no wear and tear because it's all state of the art alien tech and the forefront of kerbal tech so I imagine they would have the best kerbals and they would be careful with it
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