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  1. Should have made the engines on the front instead of plane-deployed so wobble doesn't happen
  2. Yes- you could use, however, the space missiles ('re-done as I mentioned) as long range missiles, and maybe the hellfires as shorter range ones for space fighters. Then you could have varying sizes on the Air Force Laser for different sized ship.
  3. Here's an idea- edit the config files. Even someone like me, who knows nothing about programming, could easily do that. I have done it. Just use the air force laser, up the range and the power. You could also solve the missile problem by converting them from HEKVs (High Explosive Kill Vehicles) to KKVs (Kinetic Kill Vehicles). Make them smaller, but faster and with a better range, and make the model much simpler. Perhaps just a rectangular prism with a rocket on the back. Should be simple enough (maybe)
  4. Is that a Gemini Soyuz with a Long March launcher? Cool
  5. You should also get around to megastructures at some point. It would be quite cool.
  6. Yeah the whole reason behind the underwater part was the radiation Perhaps Laythe has a bad magnetic field like Io Also there's just more room if u use the oceans. Yeah, but you know what happened to those mirrors Thoughts on the new doctor (without spoilering s10 pls I haven't seen it) I'm a fan btw
  7. I don't know if Laythe has oceans deep enough- besides, they're far away from Kerbol, and the whole point of spiral cities is to be farmable. I was thinking of this: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/The_Drum Some more basic info there isn't much or this: A portable mining facility from The Abyss Read the comments
  8. I've always wanted to see that- I saw someone do a mid-sized base that way, but never anything more than long-term housing for 6-8 Kerbals. Perhaps Submarine Cities as well. Pretty sure Laythe doesn't have a magnetic field (the only explanation behind it's habitability but deadness) so you have to protect from the radiation somehow. It's all possible using KAS
  9. No they've just got an incredible computer
  10. The LEM has got a nice EVA, I'm just not a fan of the Kerbals sitting down- I know it's the model that you can just put in, and it makes it a lot easier, but the Apollo landing crews did stand up.
  11. Got back from Space Camp in Quebec for a nice treat in this thread....