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  1. mikegarrison's post in AN DN nodes for current orbit disappeared was marked as the answer   
    The game seems to always place the nodes according to your final "conic". Sadly for you, you have that planetary intercept messing you up.
    Do it by hand. Go to map mode, rotate the map until you are on plane and then find the intercept point.
    Or use mechjeb.
    Or limit the number of conics until you get the one you want, like you did.
  2. mikegarrison's post in Only female kerbals have eva monoprop was marked as the answer   
    OK, solved my own issue. Kerbalism has two folders in the Game Data folder. One is kerbalism, the other is kerbalism config. I had only removed kerbalism.
    When I removed "kerbalism config" then "monoprop" stopped being an eva resource and was replaced with "EVA fuel". Now my male kerbals also have this.
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