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  1. Thanks! I posted this after I flew to Duna with my space station and as I was warping to my periapsis to bring the apo closer... a moon got in the way. By the time it slammed me down to 1X I was too close to the surface to do anything.
  2. I know there is a persistent save. Is there way to have the game save more than one? Like save every 10 minutes and retain 10 files. Having it automatically save the moment I crash is not ideal. Sometimes my manual saves are woefully out of date.
  3. I think my problem is that none of the asteroids are inbound / I can't select them. They all say, Unidentified asteroid, last seen XXdays ago.
  4. I have a mission to put an asteroid into orbit of the Mun. What I'm having difficulty doing is planning a route there. I have MechJeb, but can't select an asteroid to have it navigate for me. I put myself on an exit trajectory from Kerbin in the direction of an asteroid only to trapped by Kerbol. What's the best way to get there while needing as little dV as possible?
  5. Now I just need to go up there and save the pilots of ships 1, 2 and 3...
  6. Thank you! Odd to think of him as part of the craft.
  7. I tried that, but it wasn't working. Maybe because he wasn't one of mine? It was generated by the contract.
  8. So I recently did my first mission where I had to retrieve a Kerbal from space. I built a ship with extra seats in it, and a grabber. I eventually managed to get him with the grabber and bring him back to Kerbin safely. What I had wanted to do was just get him in the cockpit with me. Is there any way to take control of a rogue Kerbal and make him get in my ship?
  9. Thank you Starhawk! I don't have those things yet, so I can't fulfill the mission.
  10. In vehicle assembly when I click on 'Load' nothing happens. The menu to load designs doesn't appear. All the other buttons work. I'm working on Windows 7. -Shiz
  11. I'm trying to put it into a stable polar orbit. It's orbiting the correct way. The mission confirms I've put it in the correct orbit. The only thing that won't complete is "Launch a new unmanned probe that has power and an antenna." Can I not base this on a previous design? I have to go to build a ship and click 'new'?
  12. Hi everyone! I'm having a little trouble getting my satellite into a specific orbit. I put it up there. Get the orbit correct. I'm steady for 10s. Everything is check mark green to go except deploying the probe. What do I do? It has charge, and I extend the antennae, but nothing. How do I complete the last step? -Shiz
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