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  1. I was inspired by the recent Stockalike Station parts release to start work on yet another space station (I used parts from multiple mods on this). The station core was one of the larger objects I have sent into orbit! A second launch added on to the station. More launches are planned. There are so many great parts in this release I have several ideas for various stations and habitiats large and small. A huge thanks to @Nerteafor this mod!
  2. Put a prototype Rocket Of The Future on the Mun.
  3. I set an initial de-orbit maneuver node and auto-execute it. By the time it is done its time to point retrograde and hand fly it down to the surface. That way there's no confusion about the retrograde marker. My problem usually is thinking "I'll land just past that crater" and then ending up landing on the steepest of said crater wall. Sometimes the only thing to do is give the engines a boost fly up a couple of 100m and land again.
  4. After a few weeks off from KSP because of holiday travel etc. I decided to re-do my direct ascent Mun Lander so that it uses only monoprop on the transfer, descent and return stages. The descent and return stages share the same set of engine (4 Puffs). The booster has tail fins because Saturn V Monoprop stack in high orbit On the Mun! Departing the Mun Returning home
  5. In a previous save I did give actual names to my various orbital tugs always beginning with 'R' (e.g. Resolute). Today I call my direct ascent mun lander "Direct Ascent Mun Lander" and my crew launcher "Crew Launcher" etc.
  6. 1) Steal underpants 2) ??? 3) Profit! Sorry couldn't help myself. The only real standards I have is AG#1 = toggle solar panels & AG#2 toggle antennae. Otherwise if I am using AGs it will depend on the space craft/mission.
  7. Congratulations! Docking is very satisfying although sometimes stressful. Just get them close, get them aligned and take it slowly.
  8. Continued construction on the KSS and sent up a crew. On the way back home Jeb, Bill & Bob stopped off at the LKO habitat (75x75k) I would be happy to land an aircraft this close to the runway!
  9. No stuttering yet. I'm going to add to the station tonight and/or this weekend. I have been expecting to start having issues as with previous large stations, but this is the first big one I've done on this computer.
  10. So far so good. The time display is always green. Not sure how to see what the actual frame rate in game is though.
  11. Continued space station construction.
  12. Continued construction of the KSS: Then resumed test flights of my SSTO. This is the same design as the last test flight, this time testing the re-positioned RCS during docking (much improved!) After undocking it once again attempted to land at KSC. If it were not from some ...ahem... "unpleasantness" following re-entry (attributed to errors in the "flight control software") it probably would have landed "at" KSC. As it was it once again landed a little short of the runway (aprox 17km -- last time was much closer than that).
  13. What mod are you using to get this explosion? I need it!
  14. Sent Jeb, Bill and Bob to the Mun. They docked with the orbital Mun Lab: And then Jeb & Bill took the reusable Munar Lander down. Jeb was able to seat-of-the-spacesuit land within 400 m of a decent stage from a previous Direct Ascent Mun Mission (the old stage is near the horizon to the left): After inspecting the descent stage they returned to the orbital lab and departed for home.
  15. I blatantly copied @roboslacker's idea and sent a Christmas tree to the Mun.
  16. End of last week I spent yet more time tweaking my SSTO Rocket Plane. I am learning to manage the re-entry better than before but instead of overshooting KSC I ended up with not quite enough energy to land on the runway. Thanks to the tanks being empty and the big wings I was able to gently touch down in the soupy lower atmosphere. The design needs a bit more work, but it is getting there. I then had an idea for a modular big Sci-Fi type space ship. I spent most of the KSC time this weekend and yesterday designing it and launching it in 4 big chunks on super-heavy boosters & assembling it in orbit. Overall I am happy with it as a fun sandbox project, but it is not the design I will use next time I fly Kerbonauts to other planets. Currently it is in low orbit around Minmus
  17. After a little while off from KSP I'm back to mostly working on my SSTO. I think I am making progress, but it is not yet an operational craft. The latest iteration was able to dock with my KSS Core station at 125x125km, with 880 m/s in hand after rendezvous!. It can carry up to 8 Kerbonauts in its current configuration. However the recent series of iterative changes added up to enough change in empty tank aerodynamics that after reentry the craft spun out of control. The intern responsible for checking such things has been severely reprimanded by the sub-sub-contractor in charge of Making Sure It Doesn't Crash. Progress Is Being Made, Probably.
  18. I messed around with variations on m SSTO spaceplane with varying degrees of success. For instance this "high energy" approach was almost successful.
  19. Worked on my next version of a SSTO spaceplane the EX RS1. It is still an experimental WIP, but is able to get to a 185x185k orbit with 700m/s remaining so it might turn into something useful. Once again I overflew KSC at altitude (~28k) and had to turn around and use remaining fuel to land. Was able to line up with KSC... ..almost...
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