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  1. I wish this game had a tutorial on how to build a relay network so that I would just chill because this game is more work than play.
  2. Thanks I didn't know that, I would always use pilot/engineer/scientist. But then I would have to learn how relays work, and they probably have nothing in common with how real relays work.
  3. It took me a whole day to install mechjeb2. Once I was really good at editing and modding stuff, but now my brain simply rebels against any kind of virtual complexity,. I sold my laptop and lasted 6 months just with a phone and tablet. I'm extremely tired of bickering with technology.
  4. Problem solved, engineers can't do maneuver nodes. Only pilots or mission control if there is a signal. whoopdeedoo.
  5. I think I found the problem. The whatshisname piloting the vessel is an engineer, I assume they cannot plan maneuvers. So I will have to start over.
  6. I forgot I also changed communontron 16 antenna for HG-5 high gain antenna because I assume it is better
  7. So I'm back here playing the pain simulator. I can't find the reason why this happens. I went to eeloo with mk1 had no signal problems. The only thing I changed was the mk1 command pod for 2 mk1 landing cans so I can fly manned and rescue whatshisname
  8. Hello Gav you're still alive. Sorry that is my informal greeting. I think I need 2 nukes to save fuel going to Minmus or even Mun. It is hard to balance oxidizer and liquid fuel using rapiers.
  9. Thanks bewing 1. Can you go to Minmus with mk2 and 2 rapiers? What twr I will need? I reckon I will need more wings... I did tried just rapiers but was out of fuel half way to minmus. 2. Although I gain speed after 30km I lose altitude, even if I make it to orbit I lose all my fuel. I may be too heavy even at 1 twr? 3. Single Stage that's why lol. I remember there was a wing formula, I'll have a look maybe on wiki
  10. I haven't played this math simulator in a very long time in fact I was sure I will never return to it as I hate math. I did landed ssto on Duna but that was a long time ago and I forgot all about the nightmare that it was. Now I'm trying to build something practical to go to Minmus but I want to take processing plant with me so I will need mk2 cargo bay. 1. Does CoL has to be before CoM or after? How far? 2. I remember using wing incidence but what about the engines attached to the wings, should they be parallel with the fuselage? In the Skylon design they apparently do not. 3. Whats the best engine combo for ~30 tonnes? I got experience with 2 nukes and 2 rapiers at 33 tonnes but it seems I can no longer replicate it. What speed do I need before 30km? If I reach 1500m/s at 10 degrees the prograde falls to 0 and there's nothing I can do to raise it without losing control. 4. How important were wings? Skylon is almost wingless, not that I seen it actually fly.
  11. I suppose it does. But there is a theory that Earth was hit by a rather powerful solar flare sometime around the end of the last glacial period. There's a lot of evidence too that cannot be explained in any other way.
  12. But will the air be breathable? What about a massive solar plasma blast? Would that create a fallout?
  13. So 200 years eh? Pretty gloomy. I want to agree with Scotus, that southern hemisphere will be less affected and will recuperate quicker, yet I feel like I'm grasping at straws here, the Earth after all is one big ecosystem, an island made of islands, and in time the the pollution will even out all around the globe, right?
  14. If 1962 had a worst-case scenario, how bad and how long do you think the irradiated environment would affect the survivors? A year, ten, or a century?