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  1. I'll have a look and try to push an updated version soon. Also currently looking in the new shaders, so maybe even a wee bit of graphical update later. Also try to finally release my TKS in the foreseeable future, but work in uni has a tight grab on me, as COVID postponed many of our user studies and we are currently rushing to do as many of them in the timeframe before the next virus outbrake.
  2. I'm still here, but my job & slowly ongoing doctorate ate most of my time. If there is a prob, let me know, actively seeking for errors is a bit problematic for me right now.
  3. As we have fc.SetBits and fc.ClearBits , will there be a fc.GetBits() function to check if a bit is set? ATM I'm kinda thinking how to check otherwise, but as we don't have bitwise shift commands I am kinda stuck.
  4. First, you either need old school fairings or, as this mod isn't that well maintained (like, mine actually - but i still work on it from time to time) you better use the procedural fairings. And then, its a matter of not letting her tilt too much too early. And nudge her sideways very gentle, only a one or two degrees at a time.
  5. His own work: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/141066-the-iss-replica-project-proton-added
  6. The best program is always the one you like the most. I work with Max and Blender in a professional environment and I like blenders streamlined UI much more than the hodgepodge UI Max uses where you have different UI styles cobbled together. Like there is a ribbon UI but there are also non-standard dropdowns and selection boxes etc etc. One of my collegues likes Max more, but even he hwas a hard time migrating from 15 to 17 as all the icons are different now. Blenders UI philosophy is clearly shortcut based, you have a lot of shortcuts to learn, but the same shortcuts work on all objects.
  7. I work since a week with MAS now and have all my props converted from RPM in this time. Everything went smooth and it's a blast to work with MAS. So much is possible now and its so easy to set up. So @Angel-125: MAS is the next logical step from RPM, which used to control the ASET Props.
  8. Is there a (different) option to trigger more than one function on a collider event? Like: onClick = fc.SetTilt(0, 20),fc.SetTilt(1, 20) I just wrote a small lua script that forwards the parameters and calls the setTilt function on both cameras.
  9. Just a bit OT: Your MAS_pb_Clock_KacMode Button (that is used to display if the stopwatch portion of your clock is in stopwatch mode or displaying the countdown to the next KAC event) could use a display that is working regardless of the instrument backlights. For example, add some indicator dots like the other buttons use. As it is now, it doesn't show anything when the instrument backlights are turned off, loosing its whole function.
  10. Quick Question, where does the MAS_BITMAP_FONT definition go? Tried to put it inside the PROP{}, outside of it, inside a MASComponent{}, inside a MASMonitor{}, inside the PART{}, every time it throws NullReferences...
  11. By looking through the wiki it seems MAS will solve most if not all problems I had with RPM. Nice!
  12. There is a new update on the github version. It includes the 2017 variant of the proton medium launch vehicle as well as a rather drastic overhaul of the breeze-m. The RCS Tanks are now a separate model to allow the implementation of the independent high and low pressure fuel tanks on it, as it was requested. Along with this change, I implemented the different Phase 1 and Phase2 upgrades to the Breeze with different RCS Tank configurations (Phase 2 uses COPV tanks). Also, the 11d458 motors now behave like RCS and can be controlled with the usual RCS controls in KSP. I find it easier to co
  13. Use more geometry for the base mesh. Ideally, you should only use quads (use at-j in blender to automatically convert tris in quads). You seem to understand the problem, but you also seem to "fear" to use some more vertices. Don't be afraid. Use them where they are needed. You can only do so much with ultra low polycount. Also you use different vertice count for the inner and outer curves of a window frame. This leads to triangles, and usually to elongated ones. Always seek a mesh that avoids triangles by having egqual amounts of "corners". See your screenshot: each of
  14. Try enabling the aerodynamic forces overlay (default on F12). She'll flip when you point her out of the trajectory too much. In general, fly a rather steep "throwing" ascent where you just barely turn in the thick atmosphere. Just gently nudge her over and then always keep her nose in the boundaries of the prograde marker on the navball. Throttle down a bit during max q. Remember that this model has no reaction wheels anywhere that magically produces forces Also no fins. All she has is the engine gimbal. Of course you can add a fat reaction wheel to help. Also try controlling from th
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