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  1. Does anyone know whether this works with SMURFF yet?
  2. Does this work with KSP Interstellar yet? Many thanks in advance :-)
  3. Sorry to ask but I kind of suspect half of what I find online is out of date. Could someone please, point me towards a logistics tutorial for this mod?
  4. I'm wanting to construct my space station in space using mainly parts built in space using the Workshop mod, KIS/KAS etc but some parts require several kerbals. Is there some piece of equipment that would let me move things using less Kerbals?
  5. Yup, lots of item descriptions seem to lack information regarding things like that, but I've found that to be the case with a fair number of mods.
  6. What mods make higher time warps possible?
  7. What other mods would you like to see in such a play through? I'd imagine mks with Interstellar would make a popular play through. -edit Alongside Constellations..
  8. Sorted, thanks, these scientists are EXPENSIVE
  9. Ok, clearly I must have done something wrong as this is not showing up for me..
  10. Sorry but.. where could I find the Kolony Dashboard?
  11. The main problem I have with this mod is the lack of scientists so there's few kerbals I can get to staff my science laboratories. Am I missing something?
  12. Which mod is it?
  13. I'm very impressed with what I've read about this mod but hesitant to try as I'm not yet ready to stop using the Interstellar mod. Is there any intention to make this one day compatible with Interstellar? Is it compatible with Constellations? Thank you in advance.
  14. This is wonderful and I need it, which modules have this stabilising anchor thingy?