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  1. I'm hoping for clouds and art overhaul. But who knows what will it bring...
  2. Sure, feel free to modify it as well. I released it as an open-source project
  3. Hello I created a scatterer config for New Horizons. it is still WIP with some features missing, but it makes NH planets look much nicer. You can check it out here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6skamsdxkp4lb45/NH Scatterer Config (WIP).zip?dl=0 Apologies for everyone that downloaded and it didn't work. I'm apparently stupid New link works. Also, great work with NH 2.0 @KillAshley. Love to see my favourite planet pack revived/rekerjiggered.
  4. Antares is only half cool, because it is semi-cryogenic. So I vote 5
  5. Oh KSP. I still remember the coincidence I stumbled upon it. It had NOTHING to do with science or spaceflight. Now, around 2 years later, I can tell you off hand how SSME fuel system works, its ISP, nozzle expansion ratio etc. KSP changed my life and I'm so immensely grateful to all people who are in Squad for developing this awesome game, but my special thanks belongs to Felipe, he is the man who came up with the idea of little green men eagerly conquering space. So again, thanks Felipe and good luck on your next projects. I'm sure they'll be as good, if not even better than KSP itself.
  6. Interesting. But heavy elements are relatively abundant. Neutron star collisions probably aren't enough to suffice for that, and they're extremely rare.
  7. I am playing for 2 years now and I was everywhere with probes, except Dres and Eeloo. With Kerbals, I visited only Mun, Minmus, Duna and Gilly. Kerballed missions are hard to plan and execute, plus I like playing with as much detail on realism as possible, which makes it even harder. But the sense of accomplishment is exponentially stronger.
  8. Well, it has description, textures etc. it must be intentional. It is probably suppposed to be a comet analog for KSP. I like it.
  9. It will include Vulcan and ACES. And all parts will be fully modular. You want BE-4 down on Delta-IV? You have it.
  10. Looks interesting. Can it number launches with just a partial name match? For example: "Minmus Sat - Atlas 401" and "Moon Relay - Atlas 401"...?
  11. It is completely nominal. Scatterer doesn't render scattering, shadows, nor the sunflare in map mode.
  12. I fixed issue with Astroniki flare not having ghosts after CKAN install. Also, added more ghosts. And @blackrack thanks for featuring as an option on CKAN
  13. Thanks for reporting that, gonna look into it. BTW, was it working normally before latest scatterer update?
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