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  1. UPDATE It seems I am done accelerating, but now I am rapidly gaining altitude. UPDATE 2.0 While writing that, I checked KSP again. I have gone through the Sun. I am now on the 'other side', and I hypothesize that I will continue back and forth like a yo-yo, gaining and losing altitude, accelerating and slowing down, until I come to rest at the 'center' of the Sun.
  2. So, I think I may have launched the Kermans into the Sun... Everything was going fine. I wanted to land on Mun with a simple two stage rocket. Eventually, it started accelerating too rapidly, and everything blew up. Well, everything except for the command module. I decided to fast-forward, and within half a second that shot past Mun. Eventually, something with a strong gravitational pull caused me to stop accelerating, and then accelerate in the opposite direction. I thought it was Kearth, as I was losing altitude, but as time wore on, I noticed that the Sun was getting larger, until all it was all I could see. As of writing this, I still have 100,000 Km to go until I figure out what\'s going on.
  3. Who cares if it's a misquote? I for one wasn't quoting the movie, but carrying on its spirit.
  4. Aw two mods posted last? That means I can't get the last post...
  5. And here comes the Freddie Mercury look-alike to take the lead!
  6. - Baby arm! I can see your baby's arm on the ultrasound! - That's wonderfu --- What's that out the window? It looks like a ginormous...
  7. Yeah, this problem could be a number of things. Honestly, it's like going to a doctor and complaining about pain but not giving the doctor any details.
  8. But that sounds almost like cheating...
  9. My nation is: The Third Rake Convenience Store & Space Shop Ideology: Boot marchers Traits: Militarist, Science Focus, Equatorial Nation A store that has larger support than the former government of its current territory. Everyone loves the shop, especially the Space department. Kerpurt Kerdoch is the CEO, and the leader of this interesting new nation. 1956 Budget: Beginning Funds: $30 M Programs: Start Navigator Program - Orbital Satellite (-$6 M) Start Mariner Program - Basic Rocket (-$24 M) Ending Funds: $0
  10. Do it Sordid. It's the only way this nightmare will ever end!
  11. Supraluminal, could you upload your ship? That thing looks amazing. Also, I'm too busy/lazy to build my own ship right now.
  12. I'm not saying you're stupid, since I've done this, but you're not pressing random keys before launch, are you? Are you using the keyboard or a joystick / controller? Also, it may be because your rocket is not symmetrical, although that probably wouldn't make the dials go crazy. You might just have to download the game again. If so, save your parts and your ships folders in a back up folder, so when you re-download the game, you can have the same parts and ships. Hope I was of some help.
  13. All aboard! Train to Last Post, I repeat, last Train to Last Post! [move]Choo Choo![/move]
  14. I would like to play. Can I still join the game?
  15. ...sneaky post is sneaky. I think I'm last.
  16. I guess it was just a glitch I was having. Here's the ship, though. It uses the Hikimori liquid engine located here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=615 I believe that glitch was just my computer. Other than that, it's worked wonderfully so far.
  17. Had to replace the game due to some mods not being extracted right, but I'll try.
  18. That is really neat. I believe the Saturn V rockets were some of the better designed we had.
  19. I've gotten to around 25K Km before I gave up. Funny, though, I didn't know about hitting 'T' to keep the SAS running, so I was holding 'F' the entire hour and 45 minutes.
  20. I have my monitor on top of my receiver, the computer's sound running to the receiver, a record player to the left, underneath is my tower, CDs, records, and cables. To the right of the receiver are my blanks CDs and DVDs.
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