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  1. Ok did another test and this time waited until 70k and fairings did not explode. I never noticed I was still in atmosphere while trying to jettison. Carry on.
  2. Just downloaded latest version of SDHI SMS, Animated Decouplers and RealChutes but the fairings are still exploding when decoupling. Any ideas?
  3. Having some problems with this mod. I recently installed 4.1.3 and all of a sudden the resource / crew / science transfers do not work. I enabled the debug window and I'm seeing some errors when I click on the resource (in this case, the crew) button. I reverted to 4.1.2 and everything seems to be working fine. Here's a screenshot:
  4. I found this a while back. I use them mostly for structural support for launching station parts, specially MKS/OKS but it also has cargo bays with doors. Check it out.
  5. Having a small issue using the mod in career mode in .90. Cannot launch any ships with the CHAKA / EMLV ENGINE MOUNT even with all tech tree nodes unlocked. The problem doesn't occur in sandbox mode. I looked through the .cfg files and found there is a line missing from \CMES\Propulsion\NP_interstage_1_25m_2_5m_tank\part.cfg. I added TechRequired = generalRocketry and all is well. Just though you may want to make a note of this to be fixed in a later release.
  6. I can confirm this. I stopped using CKAN and downloading mods directly from the download links and things have been working fine.
  7. I was running into the same problem. I installed the mod using CKAN and after a while decided to uninstall it then download it directly from the download link and then everything worked fine. I hope this helps.