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  1. Any chance we're gonna get Pegasus and Taurus parts to round out the Orbital solid rocket family? And is Orion 38 for the existing Minotaur IV possible?
  2. Squad is an advertising agency I think. KSP was literally just a pet project of one of the employees there and it just became a thing. Advertising still makes up the bulk of their work IIRC.
  3. I'm running KSRSS, all the other engines seem to run fine. It's just the Delta IV that's not working well. I don't have that.
  4. The only mod I have that alters engine thrust is the BDB Extra that adds more thrust to upper stage engines.
  5. Does the Delta-IV feel extremely underpowered for anyone else? I'm struggling to get a TWR above 1.0 for the Delta-IVM even with an RS-68A. And even with the upper stage thrust buff patch the RL-10B2 struggles with TWR.
  6. I liked your Vanguard 3 but if you really want to keep it accurate it never actually jettisoned the third stage, it was left attached on purpose to incite a better spin for its magnetometer.
  7. Were attach nodes changed? I swear every node is just a slight bit lower now and I have to adjust manually.
  8. Can the Helios antenna have homeworld tracking like the Mariner 10 antenna? Would be good since it's a spin-stabilised probe and all.
  9. Is there any word on a Parallax 2.0 config yet?
  10. Are there any configs for Parallax 2.0? Also is there any way to get this scaled up to 2.5x?
  11. What would be accurate paint schemes for ETS Apollos? Would they use the partial white paint that Skylab CSMs used, or would they have a full white paint coating?
  12. Apollo 6 was never meant to go to the Moon. It was supposed to fire the S-IVB again to get an orbit out to lunar distance, but not to the moon itself, then fire the SPS to prove that it could do an abort back to Earth if needed.
  13. Is there supposed to be a HLS lander in this mod? I can't find it.
  14. You know after playing upscaled solar systems like JNSQ, KSRSS, and RSS for so long I forget just how small the stock KSP bodies are.
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