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  1. Whenever I install this mod, any in-flight craft I have that have switchable parts with a B9 module (like BDB parts with alternate colour schemes or engine types) will reset back to the first option.
  2. Is there any way I can stop parts that have a B9 part switch module from resetting back to their defaults when installing this mod?
  3. Not today, but I broke my arm the other day so I got a cast for next 6 weeks
  4. Btw, I don't have pictures, but the bottom attach node for the passive Apollo drogue docking port is slightly off-center, its very slight but noticable.
  5. step by step guide on how to make a kickstage step 1: take rocket stage step 2: chop half it off step 3: ??? step 4: profit
  6. If you're doing LRV and you've conquered your crippling phobia of wheels, can we get MOLEM parts now?
  7. Maybe a bit of a weird request, but could we have the Apollo Block III/IV service modules in a white paint? It'd fit nice with the modern and white capsules nicely. Also the RCS for the 5-man Apollo capsule doesn't have Waterfall configs.
  8. Will RSS have its own Parallax textures in the future? Right now it's using the stock system textures which are nice, but I think unique ones for RSS would be cool.
  9. I am no longer looking respectfully. In fact I am drooling quite violently. Can those deployable solar arrays power the shelter?
  10. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHilikeitverymuchthx Can the Taxi support 3 kerbals? I could have sworn there was a variant that was proposed that could carry three and leave the CSM unmanned in orbit?
  11. My kerbals are definitely going to be happy in the Skylab quarters when I cram 5 of them into it for a Mars mission.
  12. It's the LEM Shelter, a LEM modified to support two astronauts for stays of up to two weeks on the surface. So basically no ascent engine and an airlock.
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