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  1. How can I get clouds and SVT to work with this mod?
  2. Are there any plans for vacuum lander cans in Near Future Spacecraft? It'd be nice to have some alternative lander cans.
  3. Hello, I installed the pack, but Jool isn't showing any changes.
  4. Okay, but is it possible to port the KK assets into the stock game so I can put them into my stock KSC? So I mean the floodlights, the landing pads, everything.
  5. Is there any way I can get the amazing edited KSC complex that uses Kerbal Konstructs into the stock game?
  6. Is there any way I can just have the terrain scatter collision?
  7. I'm not getting any terrain textures when using this mod. The clouds and atmospheres work fine, but it's not showing any of the textures when orbiting or landed.
  8. I'm getting the same problem Lathari is having; the eva and crew reports haven't switched.
  9. I've finished my first Eve/Gilly mission in my current career save, and what does the next exploration contract entail? Go back to Gilly, where I've already been, and transfer crew between vessels, which I've already done. I think to myself, "I'll just warp time and hopefully get that Jool or Bop contract". I do that, what do I see? Transfer crew between vessels around Ike, which I did ages ago. Warp again, "Dock around Mun", already done that. It's giving me repeated contracts to do mundane tasks that I've done before and I'm not getting contracts to go any further than Duna, and it's really beginning to annoy me.
  10. Is there anywhere I can find the perfect orbits for each body and the Outer Planets bodies as well?