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  1. KSP Version:, PC, Windows 10 Explanation: I'm plotting a course to any Jool moon, game quits (disappears) and no crash report screen appears. Created a brand new save, only 1 craft, same thing happens. On Steam I verified the integrity of the game files, no issues. Crash logs, craft file, save file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ATRKkjqFucj9-HaKyrkgYSk5C-cPWk9a/view?usp=sharing Thanks...
  2. Hello, After updating to 1.11 the game is crashing many times.. while plotting course to any Jool moon the game just quits.. I was moving the maneuver node then bam game gone, several times now. Game is clean with no mods nor modified files. Anyone else having this issue? Thx. 1010hrs playtime edit: tried reducing the conic patch limit to 1, and switching from absolute to relative, no luck! I have both expansions
  3. I can't find this Yellowstone on Pol.. all I see are those stupid hollow trees that pollutes my sight. How there are no trees in this pic? Thanks.
  4. After 4 pages of ppl commenting on this issue, Squad didn't even reply to this post! Great motivation you give us!
  5. Damn you messed with 2 engines used in pretty much all Saturn V replicas.. Skiff and Wolfhound.
  6. Me too. I’d even pay $50 for a well-done environmental pack. There’s just no options for us willing to spend and eager to this game to grow
  7. KSP players are plagued by inferiority complex. We've been asking for clouds for almost half a decade, and we're still being ignored. Just recently reinstalled scatterer+clouds to check it out, it TRANSFORMS the game... that's what KSP is missing: new, stock, well-done, and fast environmental visuals!!! No excuses. I'd give up stuff like true-altitude, node burn info, etc for this.
  8. That doesn't mean Squad can't plead more! They should say KSP has a very loyal fan base, and that their visual demands make sense at this point. The visuals on this game evolved very little since it first launched. Frankly they suck without mods, that's why pretty much all Youtubers use visual mods. I know there's a cartoonish element to the game, but still, the environmental visuals are terrible. Clouds would fix 80% of the problem. Some of my friends that saw me playing this game asked me if it's a child's game.... SAD! It's time we change our mindset and stop feeling like inferior players with an underdeveloped indie game. We deserve more!! PS: IRRC KSP has the HIGHEST SCORE on Steam, even higher than GTA5.
  9. WOW! To see lots of you "defending little poor Squad" is depressing. KSP is owned by Take-two, which revenue was 1.8 BILLION DOLLARS in 2018. I'm sure KSP is developed by talented people who can make great progress on visuals (including clouds), that this game NEEDS BAD! It'll look as a whole new game. It's a matter of PRIORITY. Having already visited all planets and discovered all artifacts, new visuals and new planets would be the new start to this game that a lot of us old players need!!
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