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  1. Notice that one of the objectives was to make the parts visually read like they come from one of the three major manufactures. The Yellow and Grey = Jeb's junkyard Orange = Rockomax White with an orange stripe = Kerbodyne I really like everything I see. I hope that the compact version of each engine fits in the size class below the normal engine. While I like the look of the new poodle, fitting that compact design into a 1.25m shroud looks difficult. I also do not see a 3.75m option in the "booster" section.
  2. By the way, I love the dart board in the Inflato Habitat PA550. I'm glad you kept that. Hilarious and very Kerbal to hang a dart board on the wall of an inflatable crew module. (complete with duct tape patches from darts that missed the board.)
  3. If you want to rotate your craft more quickly, you just need to push the keys repeatedly, not harder. This is effective. I know 'cause when I do this to call an elevator, the elevator will arrive more quickly with repeated button pushing.
  4. All my missions get space lego flags.
  5. It is a kick-back from Senator Hap Kerman from the great state of North Kerbolina, where the Biology Lab is assembled by his loyal constituents. Keep Kerbolina working and first in flight!
  6. I play career, and yes it is compatible. This is actually kind of hard to place on the tech tree. The concept is from the 1950's and they didn't believe they were that far away from being able to actually build this. Of course it ends up being very powerful, and should belong at the end of the tech tree. Then there is the fact that all the tech required for this was never actually developed due to the ban on nukes in space.
  7. Thanks for keeping this mod up to date. I just recently started using this, as I wanted to dabble in LS, but not spend too much time focusing on it. I would think that the "sweet spot" would be that crew pods have enough snacks for a trip to the Mun and a direct accent landing and return. But that would be far less than 50 snacks per crew. I have no trouble putting tons of snacks in non-command pods, because other than the Lab, the only point of non-command pods is to make the Kerbals more comfortable. (IMHO) I guess you could stick a probe core on a hitchhicker and use it as a non-atmospheric lander, but it still isn't a command pod at that point. If you want to avoid extra parts, then you can try adding snacks! as a resource for the fuel switcher, and just use empty fuel tanks to lug extra snacks around. I'm not opposed to extra parts and I really like the idea of the green houses, but I think they should consume sunlight (or artificial light in the form of EC) and ore to make more snacks!. Being able to directly convert EC to snacks! seems a bit like by-passing the need for the mod in the first place. (I mean you could effectively just write an mod that disables all Kerbals on a ship if it leaves Kerbin's SOI without a greenhouse or a metric ton of empty crew space.)
  8. This made me think of this story of a real word plane that was able to fly/land with only one wing, despite taking off with two...
  9. I don't know if "immersion" is the right word for me, but with 1.1's cut away function, I need me some IVAs. (maybe I need them for my OCD) I actually held onto some of your old IVA's @Beale, and I've adjusted the configs to keep using them in the Salyut and TKS parts. I don't know the tantares version numbers, but some of the IVAs that are working in 1.1 are from as old as 0.23
  10. Thank you for posting that @hraban! I tried twice to dock a crew to my space station last night and thought I was going crazy. You just saved me countless hours removing mods one at a time to try it over an over again.
  11. I recently downloaded this mod, and I really like it. I'll be interested to see where this goes next. (Russian ISS segments?)