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  1. Could you please add a button to copy (and maybe even paste) part's coordinates and rotation?
  2. I think it does have a purpose, it's so that it doesn't look weird when you attach it radially to a cylindrical part. That's why I'm suggesting to add variant instead of outright removing it.
  3. @FruitGoose Most basic example: mount a docking port on a wing. A part of it's model will be poking through the other side. Makes some things, like mounting points, or articulated ports, look weird. That's what I'm talking about.
  4. Dockidg ports sometimes can look ugly when their "shroud" isn't sunk into craft they're mounted on. I think a variant with that thing removed (or shortened considerably) would be nice little addition to thr game. Editing that model that probably won't require that much effort too. Here's a few pictures I've edited to show how it may look like:
  5. A way to align parts on axes without having to copy/paste values manually would be very helpful.
  6. So I changed SAS, separator and decoupler models to battery's one and that did the trick. As an added bonus, they look much better than before. So now I have to try and make a new model, I guess? Can I use battery's model as a base for that? Edit: here's modified files, if you want to fix it quickly
  7. Oh sorry, it is kind of distracting, so here's a rocket showcasing the issue: Craft file (Steam ) And the issue is that it appears as if game treats Mk 2 reaction wheel, decoupler and separator like they're slightly smaller than Mk 2 sized. The batteries are fine. The temperature thing is obvious, I can fix it for myself, but I really have no idea about aerodynamics. I see that, unlike battery, they have quite detailed collision models, maybe changing them to more basic ones will help?
  8. Something seems to be wrong with Mk2 Essentials' part aerodynamics. Looks like they can't fully occlude other Mk2 parts, thus creating extra cross-sectional drag where there shouldn't be. Below is a comparison between stock Mk2 Drone Core and Mk2 Reaction Wheel Module Another problem is that all mod Mk2 parts have lower max temperature than stock Mk2 parts (2000K vs 2500K)
  9. @Laie Haha, for a few milliseconds I thought it was my J5 ship
  10. My take on Jool 5 challenge, Lvl 3 KSP 1.3.1. Mods: CKAN screenshot Single launch, five crewmembers. Five-seat spaceplane for Laythe, two-seat lander for everything else. Launch mass: 976t. LKO Δv ~8200 m/s, clearly it was too much. Album link All screenshots of JEM (GDrive) .craft file
  11. That's sad. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't so brightly vivid.
  12. Hello, I don't like the green color that 1.25 m parts get, how can I change it?
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