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  1. Love the frequent updates in the thread. Shuttle looking very nice
  2. Wow this looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out when it gets released. Good work OP
  3. No worries! I'm taking a historic approach to my sandbox playthrough so I have yet to reach the Shuttle. I will give texture replacer a go as well again. I love Endeavour and Columbia so I really want to be able to fly them (but if I only can use Atlantis I'll take it since it's better than nothing lol)
  4. Downloaded and still can't switch textures. Are there any potential conflicts with other mods? I read somewhere in the earlier pages that Astronomer's Pack or Stock Visual Enhancements could cause some issues. Thanks for all your help so far btw I really appreciate it
  5. Ah I think this may be the issue that I'm having. Thanks!
  6. Still no luck with switching the textures. I even downloaded ksp.wheel again and reinstalled it.
  7. I'm fairly certain I have all the dependencies and everything up to date and all but I will check again. Thanks!
  8. Sorry if this was answered recently, I'm just getting back into the swing of things. Does anyone know if you're able to switch the Shuttle to get the different liveries and names other than just Atlantis? I am using the most recent version of KSP and everything seems to be in working order other than that. Thanks
  9. I've re-entered twice with the Shuttle twice and have not had this happen. How are you entering into the atmosphere?
  10. Second Shuttle launch. I love this mod! Here are some shots from my second Shuttle launch:
  11. Hadn't played KSP in a while. Shuttle mod got released and that got me back into it. Forgot how pretty this game could look.
  12. Downloaded the mod and everything works amazingly. The only issue I have is when I'm in the non analog cockpit, my frame rates drop massively. When I'm outside the Shuttle and all everything runs super smoothly. Other than that no real complaints (and even the thing I brought up isn't that big of a distraction since I don't really use IVA that much). Great job on the release!
  13. I can't wait until this is finished. Everything looks great and I'm excited to get back into flying the Shuttle.
  14. Loving the updates can't wait for the release. Great work! Been missing the Shuttle since 1.0.4.
  15. Love this idea and concept and look forward to seeing more of it developed. Keep up the amazing work!