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  1. Hey, If you would like some help with the FX, I am here! I have a lot of CGI experience, but not that much in Unity tho. I did do a lot of nuclear explosions. What do you think?
  2. To the dev team: I think the to-do list should be on bitbucket...
  3. Hey blackrack, for fixing the OpenGL bugs, I believe you can in fact disable anisotropic filtering for your textures, not that there is any reason that there would be anisotropic filtering for those kind of textures. Do you have complete control over the shader loading code or is it offloaded to Unity/KSP core?
  4. May I ask, how do you get the KSP to load the shaders? How do you add parameters?
  5. We really need him if we want a new release. It's basically mortgage code