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  1. I have plans, yes... but I'm afraid not much has come of them so far, so I'm not going to set an ETA or get anyone's hopes up. I am still sort of around, though!
  2. Every frame, PlayWarpAnimation calls GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Icon_Hidden") and then iterates over the results. This function is apparently "notoriously inefficient" so calling it every frame to get a result that could (and probably should) be generated once and then cached seems like a pretty quick fix to save some CPU cycles. I've made this change in WarpShip, but haven't gotten around to submitting it as a pull request for this one yet, sorry about that. But I thought I'd at least mention it.
  3. Nothing has been confirmed to work with 1.0.4 as I haven't gotten around to updating it yet. Sorry.
  4. Playin' KSP... silly Exactly! No, seriously, I've been sort of busy lately, so I haven't really been around as much. I've still been looking in from time to time though. That IVA looks really nice, Cholesterol. Do you mind if I integrate it into the main mod for version 0.4? (Whenever that is...)
  5. Version 0.3.2 released! I've been a bit busy lately, but I thought I'd at least push out the minor changes I've been implementing. The main things are that the lights in the Command Module can be toggled and multiple Develocitizers will now make develocitizing consume less power.
  6. That looks really nice! One thing I'll point out is that the default command module holds 4 kerbals, but you have 5 chairs. I'm not sure if this was an intentional change or not, but it clashes with the original version.
  7. IVA isn't a huge priority to me because I don't personally use it and the stock IVAs I've chosen work fine for just showing the crew going about their business, but I'm certainly not going to say no to any help.By the way, how'd you make those "nacelles" in your ship? The big strut to connect them and the nose cones on the front don't seem to be stock but the picture is kind of small so I'm not 100% sure what all the parts are.
  8. To be honest, I don't know for sure. I agree with you that if it it's self contained (and it is) then there should be no reason why it would interfere, but I haven't (and can't) test the interaction between WarpShip and every other mod so I am not 100% sure. If it installs and runs just fine, though, that seems like a good enough reason to change what it says on CKAN. So thanks.
  9. Depending on how difficult it is to separate the window out from the base mesh (which might be rather challenging since I only have an aggregate .mu right now), this is something that could be doable or really annoying. I'll at least look into it, but I make no promises. What is "kind of wonky" to you? My upgrades were incremental and I might well have thought I was improving something, so please be more specific and let me know what you see as a problem and maybe I can fix it. I didn't actually add the mod to CKAN. I was looking into it, but I think some nice person beat me to it. So, whoever did that, thank you!However, that means I didn't add that entry so I can't really tell you. There are some conceptual conflicts with KSI-E, such as using some of the same models for different tasks, but as for hard conflicts, I don't actually use KSI-E so I don't know for sure. That's actually not enough. It takes 8 EC per m/s of velocity, which isn't enough on Moho. I'm not 100% sure that this amount isn't too high, but that's the reason for now. Lots of backup EC, Plasma Reactors and/or ZPG's. You might want to consider not running at full throttle, too. These engines are rather overpowered compared to stock so I wanted to make the electrical demands pretty massive in order to balance that; let me know if you feel like I went overboard.
  10. I played around with the idea of an expanding/animated spacedock but, honestly, with a model converted back from a .mu it was rather difficult to manipulate (lots of triangles all in one huge mesh) so I couldn't get any animations that looked at all worthwhile. If Stevie_D is willing and able to share the original models with me, I can revisit the issue, but probably not until then. Usually these freezes are caused when there's an uncaught exception during loading. I don't have this issue and that screenshot doesn't tell me much; what would really help would be a few lines of a KSP.log generated during the freeze, showing what happens when it tries to load MPDEngine. Yes. The texture has been converted to DDS, it's now set to a nicer looking IVA, and it now uses modules within WarpShip.dll instead of needing FireSpitter to also be installed. Some numbers have also been tweaked.
  11. Trying to avoid causing problems is why I forked my own version, actually. I don't want to impose my own vision on any of you, nor do I want to compromise my ideas when our opinions differ.I made a few minor bug fixes and improvements that I believe could be passed upstream without much difficulty (and I'll certainly do so when my code is a little more stable) and I've made some cosmetic changes that can be hacked in as options without much trouble, but some of the other changes I've made are rather major and significantly change the structure of the mod, perhaps more than you guys would like. For example, my module does not need or use an underlying ModuleEngines, which also means that I've come up with my own formulas for how much ElectricCharge and WarpPlasma to use. It also includes the ability to expand the warp bubble via another part, which is something RoverDude has said he's against, I believe. Then there are just all the little details like how I changed the failsafe altitudes and how the drive reacts when it flames out and stuff like that, which admittedly could be all put into if statements, but it makes the code longer and uglier. So, basically, avoiding mod fragmentation and working for mutual benefit are definitely worthwhile goals and I support them, but I have some pretty strong opinions about how I want my idea of a warp drive to work and I don't want to clash with anyone.
  12. At least one of your propellants has to have mass. The Quantum Vacuum engine in my mod runs primarily on ElectricCharge as well, but to make it work I had to add a small amount of another resource called VirtualPlasma, used in a very small ratio. There's a ModuleGenerator in the engine that ensures it always has some available.
  13. It should be one of the "Toggle" action groups, actually.I'll try to make this more clear in the next version.