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  1. I tried looking up KSP unity tutorials, but they are in Unity 4. Could someone link a a KSP Unity 5 part modding tutorial please?
  2. Obviously press it. Would you press the button if it spawns Earth a second moon, that makes Earth it's moon?
  3. Not respecting someone's right to information? CHEATER
  4. After I undermined Willy's existence, Richard Feynman updated CERN's implosion imminence. cbin
  5. TRIGGERED You know you're a nerd when you need to tell some it's squared not two.
  6. Something went wrong. I tried the UTF to latin-1 fix about two days ago and I imported crafts just fine. Now, I tried again today but Blender now brings up this error:
  7. Granted. It's really hard to control. I wish to stop time and throw knives around.
  8. Granted. The kraken destroys the space mission. I wish to know who has my stapler.
  9. It's supposed to be dank. Waiter, my soup believes I have its stapler!
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