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  1. Negative, KSP 1.0 won't load any of my vessels from 0.9.0 that have KAS 0.4.10 parts. To be expected I suppose. Seems Kospy commited some new assets recently, though no new release yet [source].
  2. Hello Reader! I've an idea I'd like to share with you, and ask that those technically inclined please be as pessimistic as possible. I hope to prove it can't be done before I hope it can be done. The scope of this post is limited to: the concept of "bridging" two games with a smooth transition, specifically Minecraft and KSP, and it's technical plausibility. I understand that KSP is unfinished, and that the KSP surface will most likely be a great experience one day. I also understand the state of MC's modding "capabilities". I just love MC and I love KSP and I want it all. You may or may not b
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