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  1. I see in CKAN that RO and other cool mods of a RiderNick are already compatible with KSP v1.7.x, but not this mod. Update is not ready yet?
  2. How about "Zvezda" ISS module (solyut 9/mir 2)? Will this module be in this mod?
  3. Hello Alcentar! I again recently studied data on rocket engines and found that the RD-0124 engine for Phoenix / Zenith rocket will have two combustion chambers and only two nozzles, not 8. This engine will be called RD-0124M. RD-0124A, now available in RealEnginesPack, is a modification of the basic engine RD-0124 for the Angara rocket. It does not differ from the basic RD-0124 by anything other than the construction of the connection and fuel supply. RD-0124M will have two combustion chambers and two nozzles, as I said. The thrust of the engine will be 289.4kN for each chamber with a nozzle, thus a total of 578.8kN. The number of ignitions will apparently be the same as that of RD-0124A is 2 or more. I ask to redesign the engine model and its properties.
  4. I want it!!!! Where to get??? And how about RD-0124a for RSS/RO?
  5. Ok, now I need to come up with configs for RO ... Engines of reduced size and thrust ..
  6. @Alcentar, at what stage is the construction of the RD-0124 2x engine? When can I test it?
  7. @rebel-1, а скажи ка, чем заменить ksc switcher чтобы запускать ракетки с "Восточного" или Байконура, а не с мыса канаверал в RSS?
  8. It looks believable! Given the fact that no one saw this engine, I think that this is enough. I like it!
  9. @Alcentar, i think if you use the same modules (combustion cameras with nozzles) as it appears in the RD-0124, and arrange it as a circle (8 ones), then it's will be not so wrong. I use the "Horizon Aeronautic" mod (fuel tanks, fairings), but the engines from the RE, and Realism Overhaull. The rocket almost perfect. But i interesting to try 2x RD-0124 for "real' lunar mission!
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