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  1. I see in CKAN that RO and other cool mods of a RiderNick are already compatible with KSP v1.7.x, but not this mod. Update is not ready yet?
  2. Clear.. And what about the "MIR" (Salyut 8) station?
  3. How about "Zvezda" ISS module (solyut 9/mir 2)? Will this module be in this mod?
  4. Hello Alcentar! I again recently studied data on rocket engines and found that the RD-0124 engine for Phoenix / Zenith rocket will have two combustion chambers and only two nozzles, not 8. This engine will be called RD-0124M. RD-0124A, now available in RealEnginesPack, is a modification of the basic engine RD-0124 for the Angara rocket. It does not differ from the basic RD-0124 by anything other than the construction of the connection and fuel supply. RD-0124M will have two combustion chambers and two nozzles, as I said. The thrust of the engine will be 289.4kN for each chamber with a nozzle, thus a total of 578.8kN. The number of ignitions will apparently be the same as that of RD-0124A is 2 or more. I ask to redesign the engine model and its properties.
  5. I want it!!!! Where to get??? And how about RD-0124a for RSS/RO?
  6. Ok, now I need to come up with configs for RO ... Engines of reduced size and thrust ..
  7. @Alcentar, at what stage is the construction of the RD-0124 2x engine? When can I test it?
  8. @rebel-1, а скажи ка, чем заменить ksc switcher чтобы запускать ракетки с "Восточного" или Байконура, а не с мыса канаверал в RSS?
  9. It looks believable! Given the fact that no one saw this engine, I think that this is enough. I like it!
  10. @Alcentar, i think if you use the same modules (combustion cameras with nozzles) as it appears in the RD-0124, and arrange it as a circle (8 ones), then it's will be not so wrong. I use the "Horizon Aeronautic" mod (fuel tanks, fairings), but the engines from the RE, and Realism Overhaull. The rocket almost perfect. But i interesting to try 2x RD-0124 for "real' lunar mission!