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  1. Ok I found a annoying issue with the module manager config for adding switching to all tanks. Some engines that have oxidizer and liquid fuel built in will only be able to have the liquid fuel. For example the LV-T95-8 engine from near future spacecraft. While it doesn't break the game it is annoying.
  2. Hmm well if anyone knows how to help me please do as while i can do it i make lots of mistakes. I have absolutely no clue what I need to change to fix my issue. I never had this issue before and now its just making it nearly impossible for me to make a heavy SSTO of a design I like. I have both the latest firespitter dll as is used by OPT and this mod. Edit I tried making a new config file and removing this mod for a bit. Did nothing other then show me the issue. This mod is overwriting the firespitter fuel switcher. Now anyone know how to fix this?
  3. I am having an issue with this mod overwriting the fuel tanks from OPT spaceplanes. I need to put LFO in them but instead I get all of these resources and liquidfuel. I have no clue what is wrong and I would hate to have to rework my design. If anyone knows can you help?