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  1. I'm looking forward to the update. Will the skybox be included? It looks a lot better than the default one.
  2. I'm getting some sort of dark band in the ocean too, except it's way worse. It happens both with and without ocean shader on, but it's much bigger without ocean shader. I assume there's no fix either?
  3. I found the real issue thanks to the Kopernicus thread. It's actually Modular Flight Integrator. It seems that kuchermann came with an old version of it that still had the bug. Just go in the MFI thread and download the newest one.
  4. I can confirm there's a solar panel bug as well with the latest version of FAR.
  5. Yeah, I've isolated the problem to a compatibility issue between Kopernicus and Küchemann (specifically). There's no doubt that those two are causing the issue.
  6. Pretty sure I was up to date, but I just downloaded the latest one anyway to test, and the problem is still there.
  7. There aren't really reproduction steps in particular. Panels aren't working, whether it's on my already existing crafts or new ones on the launch pad, even though clicking on the panels tell me they're receiving light. Log:
  8. This changelog seems great, but this version broke solar panels here. They no longer produce electricity. Reverting to the previous one fixes it.
  9. Ilya

    [1.2.2-1.7.0] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.12

    Works now, thanks.
  10. Ilya

    [1.2.2-1.7.0] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.12

    Nice, but the dropbox link says 404.
  11. Ilya

    [1.2.2-1.7.0] AtmosphereAutopilot 1.5.12

    I logged on just to say that this mod is incredible and I hope you never stop supporting it for future versions of KSP and FAR. It works beautifully for both planes and rockets. I'm finally able to do REAL gravity turns in FAR, even with SRBs.
  12. The mod doesn't seem to be working for me since the 1.2.8 update. I can't attach an antenna on my base on Minmus, supposedly because it's too heavy (it's not). I also can't grab items and put them in my inventory, because it's as if it the cursor doesn't detect the inventory when I'm holding an object.
  13. Technically it doesn't depend on luck, but since there's such a tiny difference between not pitching enough, pitching perfectly, and pitching too much, and the fact that it's going to be different for every rockets, and that I'm not allowed to reload, then it pretty much is going to be luck whether or not I succeed, since I'm not a perfect machine. I'm not asking you to change anything, mate. I was just asking questions, giving my opinions, doing tests, and trying to understand. As I said earlier, it was nothing against you or your mod. I think it's great that you made this and keep developing it. As for having made no change since 1.0.5, I'll take your word for it, but I can also swear I didn't have nearly that much difficulty before, so I thought maybe something did, if not in FAR, then perhaps because of KSP itself.
  14. I've just tried your idea, and even put basic fins just to test it fairly. For the first few seconds, it starts angling down on the right, then eventually it stops, and it starts going backward and flips. I've tried several angles and throttles, and it's always the same result. Mechjeb can't do real gravity turns, no. You've misunderstood the delta v stats. The 3.0 TWR was for the second stage. The first one has a TWR of 1.56 on launch. I've tried throttling down to 80%, but the result is exactly the same. Well, doing a slight turn and putting SAS on prograde does work at not flipping the rocket, on both models that I've made in this thread. The angle changes a bit every time, though. Unfortunately, it's not going to be a very viable option for me, because it depends too much on luck, and I'm doing a career on hard with no reloads. Thanks for your help, though. I just wish there was a way to reliably automate this.
  15. What do you mean by "starting with angle right out of the launchpad" ? I've tried everything from AoA 1 to 5, as well as no limit to AoA, and every time this rocket starts to fail at around the same altitude.