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  1. Just tested it and yes that was the fix i needed and now everything works the way its supposed to be thank you so much. Ok ill make sure to do so
  2. Yeah one of those crafts was meant to be used in JollyRogerAerospace's PFC and he said that he was going to use version for that competition.
  3. @DoctorDavinci nope still isn't working i managed to test it out and it didn't work. Here's the log https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SNIesfuSX1z6T3m9L1L58QZBs0PUBseR
  4. @DoctorDavinci nope still isn't working i managed to test it out and it didn't work.
  5. I know this is a stupid question and whatnot, but can I get the module manager for BDArmory? Every time I set my crafts to fight each other the missiles will destroy them but the guns have absolutely no effect on either crafts. Also when i fire up the weapons manager, I get the "Module manager is missing and it will cause the mod to not work properly".
  6. hello everyone i am having problems with the mod for some odd reason about half the parts arent wanting to load up, i downloaded all the main files that are required to use the mod but none of the other downloads and i dont even get past the loading screen to even take a look at the other wonderous parts that were added am i missing something please help and thank you
  7. question im running the 0.90 version of ksp the missiles and rockets work just fine but the guns are not and the 20 and 30 mm rounds are not in the game but the 50 cals are how do i use the guns