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  1. Umm he wasn't really pestering he was just asking a legit question. Don't you think you're being a tad over sensitive?
  2. Just some minor feedback on the new version. The command pods in this pack are all at 3400 for the max temperature which with the new heating system makes them a bit OP. I haven't really had time to test how much of a difference having it that high compared to the highest stock command pod with a max temperature of 2400 but just something to look at for balance changes in the future. I only noticed it because I was trying to see how fast I could go in lower altitudes and so I was checking all the max temperatures on the command pods.
  3. Well considering that popular mods like Karbonite and ScanSat already have switched to it and most mods are switching to it it appears to be the system of the future. If there are limits you could talk to those developing Regolith about them. Also would help to not have to install both regolith and ORS to use interstellar because until the memory for KSP is more optimized everyone is looking to keep their total number of mods down to avoid crashes.
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