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  1. SpaceExplorer

    Long time lurker and player

    Hey poncho!! Welcome to the forums! (Nice sig by the way!) All the best.
  2. SpaceExplorer

    Hi All!

    Hey Broda and welcome to the forums! Great work in your career save by the way! Once you can rendezvous and dock the solar system is your oyster! All the best, and I too hope to see you around.
  3. SpaceExplorer


    Hey Adamczuk and welcome to the forums!! Congratulations on your first station! Paralleling with what Ravenchant said, just think of all the places you can go now! All the best and I too hope to see you around.
  4. Hey NAMROG, From the looks of your logs, it seems to me that you are experiencing an out of memory crash. Since KSP runs 32bit it only has about 3.5GB of usable RAM memory, regardless of the RAM that you have on your computer. Also the size of the Squad folder (as well as any mod folder that you have) does not attribute to the amount of RAM that the game uses up. It depends on the amount of memory loaded (for example, textures) from that folder either during the main load time, or switching scenes (those are especially high memory events). I have a couple of suggestions to attempt to fix your problem: Reduce the number of mods that you use Install ActiveTextureManagement Run KSP in OpenGL mode (although I have found that with the 1.x versions of the game that this does not have as much memory savings as it used to) One of the big problems right now with the current build of the game is that of the large memory leak associated with the PPFX edge highlighting that the game applies to heated parts (the temperature gauge memory leak). In order to reduce the number of crashes that you are experiencing disable the option in the Settings menu, or hit F10 each time you launch a craft. This will disable the PPFX and allow you to run for longer periods of time without crashing. A little plug-in that disables the temperature gauges right away can be found here. All the best, and please let me know if any of these solutions solved your problem in any way. Edit: Wow, just realized that this was my 100th post...
  5. SpaceExplorer

    Rovers can't move (brakes are off!)

    I too have had this problem before. I don't know if this is a bug, but it only effects rovers (or things with wheels on them) that have been docked then undocked with the gear button still on (and in your case you are using the claw, which acts in somewhat the same way). In order to fix this try "raising" the gear by turning off the button and see if that helps, as it did work for me. All the best, and please let me know if that works for you.
  6. SpaceExplorer

    Hello Guys!! New to Forums and 1.0

    Hey Boom.Sp00n and welcome to the forums! There is a great Tutorials section in the forums with lots of helpful stuff, like how to dock and leaving Kerbin's SOI. All the best and I hope to see you around.
  7. You could change the screenshot key in the Steam settings from F12 to something unused. In order to do that, click on Steam (button in upper right hand corner) > Settings >In-Game > and there should be a section that pertains to changing the screenshot key. I hope this helps and all the best.
  8. The reputation tab in "My Profile" will only show up when you have 1 or more reputation points. I hope this helps. EDIT: Do you see it now?
  9. SpaceExplorer

    Greetings to all!

    Hey Theowulff and welcome to the forums! I hope to see you around and all the best with your blog! Arrivederci!
  10. SpaceExplorer

    Hello, glad to meet you all!

    Welcome to the forums LittleBlueGaming! Love to see that you are enjoying the game! All the best with your career save and hope to see you around.
  11. SpaceExplorer


    Hey transitbiker and welcome to the forums! I would suggest maybe adding the tail fins, steering sucks when you are in the water, especially when you are just using reaction wheels. Other than that, great work, excited to see it in the Ship Exchange! All the best.
  12. SpaceExplorer


    Hey klevi and welcome to the forums! Hope to see you around, all the best.
  13. SpaceExplorer

    What makes a good forum user?

    Before I joined the KSP community I checked around the forums quite a bit to see what the community was like. I wanted to see how one should behave being a new member, and how to react when I was faced with problems. For the short time that I have been here, this community is great. It should be a role model for how all Internet forums should be, and it makes me both excited and happy to log on every day and be a part of it. A really great quote that I try to live by in the forums that helps me out:
  14. SpaceExplorer

    Starting a BIG, Orbit-Assembled Jool Mission

    Hey BrettS983 and welcome to the forums! This is the challenge that Dman979 is referring to... Your video looks great by the way, I will for sure be following it and see where your Jool mission goes!
  15. SpaceExplorer

    OpenGL Anti-Aliasing

    Hey xptical, After doing a little searching myself I found that the only form of anti-aliasing that OpenGL can work with is MSAA (muti-sample anti-aliasing). Sadly, the KSP settings do not allow for you to select MSAA from the settings, thus you have to force KSP to use them through your graphics driver. Again, this seems not to work for you. The only option that I can suggest is for you to change the settings in your graphics driver before you alter it to OpenGL and see if that works. All the best.