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  1. Ok I went down to the 8k textures and reverted to an older version of ScanSat and now it works fine thanks.
  2. Hello, so I just installed RSS/RO/RP-1 and it keeps crashing whenever I try to launch a vehicle. Logs Thanks
  3. I can't find the button to open the GUI. I tried V8jester's post, but still can't find it. I'm not sure if I downloaded it wrong or what. Thanks Gavin
  4. Were would I find the dev-version of CA? Gavin
  5. Ok so I tried it and the Module Manager error is still there, but the shuttle gets to orbit now. Also some people keep talking about there being a Canadarm in this mod, but I cant seem to find it. Thanks Gavin
  6. It acts as if the patch wasn't applied. The shuttle creeps off the pad even when there is no payload in it. I dropped into the patches folder in the CA folder. Although I found a patch for the patch a couple of pages back so I will try that when I get off work. Gavin
  7. For some reason the 2.5 patch doesn't seem to be working. I dropped it directly into the patches folder. Thanks in advance. Gavin Edit: Also Module Manager finds an error with the 2.5 patch.
  8. Hello, I for some reason can't get Alcor to work. I install it just like the instructions say but it doesn't show up in the VAB. Thanks in advance for the help. Gav Edit: The camera shows up, but not the Lander can.
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