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  1. @linuxgurugamerOk thanks for your suggestion but I think that with 96 mods I might as well play an other game an get back to KSP in a year... Kind of sad I'm losing my game like that. I also don't understand why CKAN doesn't have a log of changes with a roll back option. Maybe I should spend the time I would spent playing trying to add to CKAN. I don't understand why no log contain a hint of what is going wrong...
  2. @linuxgurugamer Where do you see the compatible game versions for the mods? All I can see in CKAN is Infernal Robotics is ok up to 1.3.1. I don't actually have a backup of that install. I will do so every-time I upgrade my mods in the future though...
  3. Thanks guys Sorry I didn't know about KSP.log, I actually looked at that one but it doesn't end with an exception which is odd. I've uploaded the KSP.log file: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/HYfjH7BwS6WwWjj47djXSfgz2XEOR0judgyCC7GQAiQ I guess the only exception I could find in there is: [EXC 12:31:48.875] ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded. System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes () ContractConfigurator.ContractConfigurator+<GetAllTypes>d__30`1[ContractConfigurator.ParameterFactory].MoveNext () Rethrow as Exception: Error loading types from assembly TweakableDeployablePanels, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) ContractConfigurator.LoggingUtil:LogException(Exception) ContractConfigurator.<GetAllTypes>d__30`1:MoveNext() System.Linq.<CreateWhereIterator>c__Iterator1D`1:MoveNext() ContractConfigurator.ContractConfigurator:RegisterParameterFactories() ContractConfigurator.ContractConfigurator:PSystemReady() EventVoid:Fire() <Start>c__Iterator7B:MoveNext() UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr) @linuxgurugamer I did not upgrade the game to 1.3.1. I copied the game to an other folder so I have one tracking copy of the game and one past: [LOG 12:27:18.193] ******* Log Initiated for Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us ******* Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us
  4. I have a similar issue started earlier in the week after a Mod update with CKAN. I can't find a way to see "install logs" in CKAN or roll back though so I'm kind of stuck. My mod list is: https://pastebin.com/guRvb6HH
  5. Hello, About a week about I did my usual "upgrade" mods and launch on CKAN but after that my game started crashing. I tried to look at the log but I find them very unhelpful and I can't figure out what is causing the error. The game crashes at the very end of the loading. Can someone help me read the log file? As far I understand, this crashing somewhere in the regular game DLLs (mono.dll) with no Exception error message other than "Access Violation" which makes no sense... Error.log Stack trace I've attached the whole thing as a zip a well https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/xG8fYXSBCBtGLckgw3HsIDCoYUKUKjyGeaU4JzgZ5w2 Mod list: https://pastebin.com/guRvb6HH Thank you for you help, I really appreciate your time!
  6. Yes, thank you so much for taking the time to explain MaxxQ, appreciated I'll try to find alternative ways in the meanwhile, it makes the game a little harder....
  7. That's interesting, would you be able to give some quotes?
  8. Hello, I just started a new KSP with the Galileo solar systems. Pretty excited but I've been having a strange issue that caused me to lose 3 satellites so far. I was wondering if some of you have seen this. On my spacecraft, some or all of the solar panel orient them self away from the sun. If I adjust my craft orientation they will "conveniently" re-orient them self to face the darkness of space. Have you guys experienced something similar before? Is this a bug caused by a bug? Thank you. Here are a few screen shots:
  9. Looks I just became your first Patreon contributor Thanks for all the hard work, I love what you are doing. Looking forward to the next version!
  10. I had that bug tonight as well. It took my well over an hour to figure out. After looking at my craft carefully I noticed that a part (antenna) wasn't functional and was clipping into my craft. I relaunched the game for the 10th time, turned on debris in the tracking station and terminated all debris around the prod. There were 2 debris one was the antenna I don't know what the other one was. After terminating the debris the antenna wasn't clipping into the craft anymore and I was able to switch to it and return to the space center
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