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  1. "The file you are trying to download is no longer available." It appears that all the files hosted on MEGA are gone. All of the download links return the same error.
  2. Kerbal engineers take pains to ensure that all components of the launch system are tested rigorously in a variety of environments. More seriously, is there a config setting to prevent these parts from showing up in contracts?
  3. Doctor Blood here. I found KSP through Winchell Chung's Atomic Rockets, an excellent primer of what it actually takes to build a spacecraft. I was surprised how KSP changed my understanding of orbital mechanics - it has given my an intuitive grasp of how to maneuver in space, and it is good fun besides. My thanks to the KSP team and the modders who have fleshed out the game.
  4. Thanks for another great mod, ferram4! I spent a few hours in a new career game trying to get into LKO with the FAR to real life settings. I finally made it with a three-stage rocket with radially attached boosters, but I had to edit the save file to upgrade the launchpad to use rockets greater than 30 tons. So, uh, good luck trying to finish a career game with this installed. This is a much better solution for scaling difficulty than what we have in stock - docking the percentage of funds and reputation earned only makes the game more tedious. I'd love to see something like this implemented in the next release.