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  1. a small quest.. is this stuff working in 1,2?? if yes can i have a download link plzzzz
  2. suddenly i can't find any tools anywhere .. i can see the tols in tech tree but for somereson cant find them in VAB. any idea??
  3. Where are the Updates guys??? monthes now ?? did this project dies or what?? Even the ISS
  4. its not loading ..at startup .. sticking . 1.05 Vanila. and if you can please till mike that ISS with RSS and RO need an update .. i dont know but Mike with doing update every week now for the last 3 months no updates what happend??
  5. i'm trying to load ISS in without RO but i cant find RO folder to remove it ...it always stuc in loading at jemarm_1 any idea??
  6. keep up Mike, i'm still playin this game because of you.
  7. mike pkease dont forget the Tail and Candarm .. it need adjusting with the RSS.
  8. MIKE ISS need to be checked with RSS configuration Please....from P4 till P6 is much more smaller than the rest..
  9. Candarm its too small in RSS.. mike ------------------- and the tail.. ------- how to pic stuff with Candaram.. can|t figure it out..
  10. another question on the Space Shuttel .. how can i activate the magnetic???
  11. thanx mate it working now fine without crashing but still i have the problem only with zarya it getting smaller.. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/96035968/KSP%202015-09-24%2015-21-16-14.jpg
  12. dont know but i think i'll stop playing this game too much bug .. cant get the RSS with mike addons to work always a crash ..... always
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