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  1. You need the BoulderCo folder from the 1.0 Version or other EvE Packs like SvE I think. Edit: Just guessing, haven't tried the Prerelease yet.
  2. Yeah, the options you have early into career and even science mode are just not enough imo.
  3. I'd be really disappointed if Squad doesn't post an official statement because of this, they ignored Kerbalstuff for way too long imo.
  4. Damn, thoose Screenshots are pretty! One question, is there any trouble using this with rbays eve (SVE to be precise)?
  5. I just love your reports! But there is a problem... I don't know how to add to someones reputation on the new forums
  6. [quote name='Proot']I'm doing much more than clouds... [/QUOTE] Damn, I'm already so excited for the upcoming release! Don't make it worse :sticktongue:
  7. Damn thoose props look incredible! Are you planning to create your own IVAs for more Cockpits or will it only be the Mk1?
  8. Incase anyone hasn't seen this, EvE has been released: