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  1. The current version appears to work fine in 1.6. (and there have been no reports of problems)
  2. BlackHat

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    I think Alternate Recourse Panel will also do that. (from ARP OP: Autostaging Controller to activate stages on engine flameout)
  3. Ahh I get it now... You only used a couple parts from those mods as opposed to the full mod. So had the full info for those parts.
  4. Nice, Yeah I had already manually renamed the SRBs for SXT so they would be grouped with the others. size2SRB = SRB-25-100 KD350k "Linebacker" (SXT) KickMotor = SRB-12-0 RT-3 "Gnat" (SXT) I do wonder, it looks like you include other part info in addition to the title. (Manufacturer & Description) but they look like a duplicate of the existing info. Is there a reason for that? Or did I just miss the changes in them?
  5. Are you taking suggestions on the next mod? Or have you some picked out your working on now? Personnaly I would love to see SXT and RLA added to the list.
  6. BlackHat

    [KSP 1.4.2] ShipEffects Continued []

    Recently found this mod in CKAN (was searching for something else) after having used it way back in .90 and 1.0.2 and 1.0.4 Loaded it up in my 1.5.1 game and it looks like it works perfectly.
  7. BlackHat

    [WIP][0.0.1] Insight

    Spotlighted by KottabosGames
  8. BlackHat

    [1.6.x] Outer Kerbin

    Watched KottabosGames video and noticed some questionable values. (also in your OP - "Both bodies are vacuum planets and have low-gravity somewhere between the numbers of the Mun and Minmus") Body Radius (km) Gravity (g @ ASL) Mun 200 .166 Minmus 60 .05 Phybi 100 .25 Iszmi 13 .1 The Gravity for your moons are too high. (unless they are solid metal bodies, Iron? Lead?) Someone else can do the real math, (Sorry Physics classes were WAY to long ago) but Phybi should probably be about .08 and Iszmi should be about .005. (Its the same size as Gilly which is also .005) As can be seen in the chart above yours are way to high for their size.
  9. Real Fuels also creates a bunch of new Icons, But unless your using Real Fuels I dont think you need them. The other bad link for pheonix_ca's icons, you CAN copy them from the imgur album in the OP. I dont know how many there are supposed to be, but it looks like there are a lot of them in the Album.
  10. BlackHat

    AJE Extended Configs

    Sounds like an alternative to look into. Thanks.
  11. I doubt its the problem, but I do see your using an old version of ModuleManger. That might imply that some of your other mods are out of date too, Try double checking everything is up to date. You might want to include the log files. They might show more info.
  12. There is HMV's Warp Everywhere. I believe its updated to 1.6
  13. I dont know about the numbers in the save, But I do know that when I scan Kerbin at 250km it takes a lot more orbits than it takes for Minmus at the 250km. Which makes sense. IF your FOV is 50km wide at 250km, then it should not take as many orbits to do a smaller body at the same Altitude. AND that's the effect I see in game.
  14. Part of the value for Optimum Altitude is the FOV. And the FOV is the same for a small body or a large body, because its based on the scanner. *Thus the height would be the same for Optimum Altitude. So a large body might take 50 orbits to get 100% scanned and a small body can be done in 5. IF you set the Optimum Altitude to a % of radius, then all bodies would need 50 orbits to get 100% scanned. (Your closer and can see only a small piece of the body and therefore need more orbits) BUT I do agree there should probably be an Atmosphere height check included in the calculation. (But I cant remember the values right now, I think all the scanners have a Min, Max and Optimum? I cant remember if the Optimum is the same as max. Maybe all we need to do is raise the Max to account for deep atmospheres. You can still surface scan, your just above the optimum)