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  1. Cached mod list..... I currently have 548 mods "cached" in my CKAN/downloads folder. But the CKAN program only shows 175 mods cached. It only shows the latest version of a mod, if multiple versions have been downloaded. (for instance I have 7 versions of RLAReborn downloaded. version .3, .5, .6, .7, .8, .9, .10) So if I want to start pruning down my downloaded files by deleting the older versions, its a bit hard to see what I have (Due to Windows sucky search filter/sorting options, but that is exacerbated by CKAN appending a serial number to the beginning of the file names so they cant be sorted alphabetically.) Can we get some way of indicating in CKAN what other versions we have besides the newest, in the CKAN/downloaded folder?
  2. Tried looking for: But got 404 errors. I would assume bad links
  3. lol, I think people were hoping you could take existing dV maps (i.e. GPP, AK, OPM) and make them into KSPedia pages. I took one look at some old tutorial about making KSPedia pages here in the forum and ran screaming.... SO what program did you use to convert the dV map images into KSPedia pages?
  4. Awhile back I had that same problem. Then discovered that OPM does include the Ribbon Packs for OPM. "I noticed in my game (1.5.1) that my ribbons, although were listed in FF, were all blank. So I ended up renaming a bunch of folders from one of Nerids other Ribbon Planet packs. But then I started wondering why I did not have them from OPM, as the OP clearly states ribbons will be there if you use FF. I looked, and see they are in the "OptionalMods" folder in the OPM Archive. The Problem appears to be, that I install OPM with CKAN, ....... and CKAN will not add them". (maybe due to the file folder structure.) The Ribbons are in a separate folder. You need to manually open: OuterPlanetsMod-2-2.2.4.zip\OptionalMods\OPM_FinalFrontier\GameData\ and copy its contents to KSP's game data folder. This will add the OPM Ribbons to FF's Ribbon folder.
  5. Probably. But you can always edit the config file if you don't want it that way.
  6. The Author is nightingale, same as for this mod. Contract Configuator. And he is still active. @kcs123 Bring up the problems in the Anomaly Surveyor thread and I am sure he will look into it.
  7. Jool Monolith and Island Airfield are from Anomaly Surveyor contract pack.
  8. Research Bodies does not include configs for the various planet packs. (like OPM) You need to look in OPM mod for the configs to support Research Bodies mod. When using OPM with Research Bodies Mod, it is setup in the configs in OPM that Sarnus is ALWAYS discovered at game start... From the "OPM_ResearchBodies.cfg" file in OPM. body = Sarnus } IGNORELEVELS { // body = easy normal medium hard Sarnus = true true true true To make it so its hidden at game start, change the true values to false at which ever level your playing. So hidden on medium and hard would be: body = Sarnus } IGNORELEVELS { // body = easy normal medium hard Sarnus = true true false false
  9. It wont automatically drop out of inventory. You have to manually delete all parts you don't want to use anymore. Its been awhile, but IIRC, a part reliability goes up the first few times you use it. (ie. "Gen 1, Used 3 times" is slightly more reliable than "Gen 1, Used 2 times") But after x uses it starts to go down in reliability. (its getting worn out) I "THINK" it was after 5 uses. Actually its "Oh Scrap" mod that does the reliability checks. THIS mod is strictly for storing those parts for re-use. Oh Scrap has a line in the parts failure config files that says: "expectedLifetime = 6" for many of the parts I saw. So I would assume reliability for these parts will increase for each re-use up to 6th times. Then starting on the 7th re-use it will start decreasing. I don't know, How much or How fast, it decreases probably need to ask about that in the Oh Scrap mod topic.
  10. There are small lakes in the various locations (such as Deserts and Grasslands) are were it is possible to get s Splashed Down Science Report on land. OR, . . . . are you saying they are there, but (X)Science wont report them? And . . . Which experiments from the dmagic science mod are not showing up? Do you mean Recon Scan? and SignIt? There is a Science.cfg file in the mod which disables these reports from popping up. (And lists the reasons why (X)Science does not support them) I believe this file covers all the things you brought up. If for instance you KNOW there is a place in the mountains where you can get a Splashed Down report, you could delete that line in the file, and (X)Science will show it. (It appears to be currently filtered out).
  11. No As I mentioned..... "The Gravity for your moons are too high. (unless they are solid metal bodies, Iron? Lead?)" Both the Mun and Minmus has a density of about 29 G/CC ~1/2 Density of Kerbin Phybi has a density of about 87 g/cc ~1.5 times the density of Kerbin Iszmi has a density of about 280 G/CC ~ 5 times the density of Kerbin and about 21 times the density of Gilly (its the same size as Gilly) All the other bodies (Except Kerbol and Jool) range from about 13 g/cc to 60 g/cc with Eve the highest at about 87 g/cc, and thus Iszmi is also 3 times denser than Eve. The OP stated: Both bodies are vacuum planets and have low-gravity somewhere between the numbers of the Mun and Minmus. Clearly Phybi, is not between Mun and Minmus, for gravity. and while Iszmi is between Mun and Minmus, it is also Very high for its radius. I merely stated my opinion that the surface gravity for both bodies were too high, (based on the other bodies in the Kerbal system) and that still remains my opinion. I do understand density, I just felt they were too dense. BUT the Mod Author has stated he is happy with the stats as is, as he made the bodies to be fun, not realistic. The Mod Author has spoken..... So let it be written, so let it be done (which was why I made no further comments)
  12. KottabosGames has spotlighted RLA
  13. I believe, after the chute gets cut, (either manually by right click, destroyed by speed, or after landing) that an engineer can repack it. THAT'S where the 4 spare chutes come into play. They can be repacked 4 times before there are no spares left.
  14. Get Contract Configurator Get Historical Contract Pacs. Try: one of these. History of Spaceflight @Frylovespi (Probably was used in the RO YouTube videos. BUT is also playable in stock according to description) Historical Progression @pap172 If you dont want as much historical structure maybe try one of these. Spacetux - Unmanned Contracts @linuxgurugamer Additional Progression Contracts @tjsnh Career Evolution Contract Pack @pap1723 AFAIK all of them start out with Unmanned missions first, building up your skill before launching manned missions. EDIT: You will probably also need one of the unmanned before manned tech trees (I think there are 3-4 different ones now) to get the required parts earlier that the stock tech tree.
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