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  1. I found this by accident but I love this, I use either mechjebs scripts or smart parts timers to allow programable burn times and then shutoff. I always role played them as non restartsble anyway, it makes it so much fun and gives you a reason to have RCS/mini propulsion on even non-manoeuvring satellites
  2. Those side tanks you are thinking of are the actual fuel tanks of the real LM, they had to be at different distances to balance the different densities of the fuel and oxidiser-that will not change as it is part of the influencing design. Removing the RCS is also a bad idea because it causes lots of complaints from players who forget or have trouble accurately placing them for docking. They are an integral part of the parts intended purpose though so I cannot see how they could be an issue. The legs used to be available separately but again I think @CobaltWolf integrated them for th
  3. Hey while we are talking about this lander can is the ladder supposed to be sideways? Whenever I’ve tried to use it I have trouble re rendering from Eva because the ladder literally hangs a Kerbal 90° to the ground.
  4. I’ve done similar with a Gemini Mum flyby using a heat shield from another mod. Was about a 32km periapsis, popped back up to about 50 before dropping in, I was actually kinda scared I would bounce all the way back out despite trajectories saying I wouldn’t hahaha It is difficult to target but I don’t believe it is a ksp engine issue so I would say pebkac.
  5. As a slightly more direct answer the **obselete** parts are hidden in the main editor filters, I have filter extensions and I think if I click my BDB tab they show up at the top of the list if you really want to find them
  6. I am currently running Kerbalism and 2.5x, considering adding real fuels as well I find this a great mix of difficulty and lack of grind that stays enjoyable. Also I have just a few days ago made my own kerbalism supply configs for this mod so if you would like those I can provide them. I was going to touch them up a little more and check the number of Kerbal Days for each container and then offer them to @CobaltWolf. Kerbalism has inbuilt support for everything except BDBs resupply containers which is an easy single patch fix also in terms of Titan-If you use the configs in the
  7. I can say for sure that Rescale! And Sigma Dimensions work great in 1.5 with the new version of kopernicus. once a few more mods are updated I will be starting an alternate history series hopefully in this install
  8. @CobaltWolf I found an interesting information page that you may or may not have seen before: http://www.spacelaunchreport.com/library.html It has a lot of schematic diagrams for many flown and unflown variants of atlas, Titan, Thor and even Jupiter. Each has annotated diameters and lengths for all stages and adapters etc. I haven’t tried to cross reference the data but with the way it shows many previous variants against a new one and lists the tank stretch etc it may turn out to be useful for you. Hopefully this helps you and it isn’t one you have seen before
  9. Wow they look amazing like that, the Hot Flash and Whiff really suit those early hypergolics like Gemini/Agena. The smoother one for Apollo also makes sense seeing as the apollo RCS engines went on to become probe engines IIRC so you would imagine they were pretty efficient.
  10. Gorgeous parts as always Can’t wait to see these in game. I’m thinking of starting a alternate history series in 2.5x using BDB and kerbalism so these will look amazing Man that is pretty hahaha-I tend to use Castor-4s on my Titans but I have had close configurations to this. Those GEMs look too long to be 40s, I wonder if they are 46 or 60s I shuddder at the aerodynamics of putting big Gemini on top of this I usually use Saturn I (not b) for this as it’s ready in 2.5m hahah
  11. For some reason every time I try to load this link whether it be on my phone, iPad or PC it fails to load with a ‘unable to connect to the server’. what did you search to find this or is there another alternative way to view what you tried to share?
  12. Huh, i’ve actually always flown it the other way lol. Ie 3 down for 5. Tends to slow the gravity turn a little but not much, very stable that way
  13. Damn these parts look good I had been using the super HAPS as my Athena OAM not realising you had plans to make an actual OAM. Good luck, I am loving the new parts that I already have in game
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